Are Nihachu And Wilbur Dating? Never Seen Images of the Couple!

Are Nihachu And Wilbur Dating

In this never-ending fast and busy world love and friendship are what make people sane. Like anything in the world can be forced upon people but these are the only two things that can not be forced. So are Nihachu and Wilbur dating for real. Who knows if it is a rumor like how it is for all the famous people.

Who is Nihachu?

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Before knowing if Nihachu and Wilbur are really dating one should know who they are. The person named Niki Nihachu is known as Nihachu Online, is one of the most popular gamers, influencers, and YouTubers. Her real name is Nikita and she will turn 21 on November 3rd. She is from Germany. She is a well-known twitch streamer. Even though she just started out on YouTube last year. She has got more than 1.6 million subscribers. This is one of her great achievements to gain this many subscriptions in such a short time.

As she is one of the popular twitch streamers and she has about 1.8 million followers on that site. The games which she usually streams are Minecraft, sims, and shadow valley. As of 2021 April, she has signed up with Guild E-sport which is a British E-sport organization as a content creator. She can speak three languages namely German, English and Spanish.

Who is Wilbur Soot?

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Wilbur Gold is the real name of the professional who is called Wilbur Soot Online. He is known for his streaming on twitch and now he is also a singer and songwriter. Wilbur Gold was born on 14th September 1996. The first time he was known was when he appeared in a group comedy in 2017 on his YouTube channel which is named Soothouse. There he appeared as the editor (lead) and the co-founder of that channel. This is a group channel and then later in 2019, he started his own channel as Wilbur soot.

The Gold is known for its streaming on twitch and has more than 4 million followers. And he is one of those players who have good gameplay. With more than 4 million followers as of 2021 September, he is at 37th position of the most followed channel in twitch.

Are Nihachu and Wilbur Dating?

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As both of them are well known for their streaming on twitch. They never disclosed anything about their dating life. Only when both Wilbur Soot and Niki Nihachu appeared on the Rajjchelors where they linked and paired with each other. As it is a dating show and they were matched and hence later the speculations started as to whether Nihachu and Wilbur are dating. It is a virtual dating game show and this happened in February 2020.

When he appeared in that show he did eliminate every other female contestant other than Niki. At the stage, the show could have gone either way as if Niki voted him as host instead of love they would not get paired. But Niki did vote him as love and they were matched. Host means the player or the contestant is not interested in them.

Then they started streaming games together and shared many cute moments. Online they seemed to look like a couple. In the year 2020 in March Wilbur traveled to Germany which is the hometown of Niki. It is still not clear if he went to meet Niki or not but he did appear to be in Germany in one of the matches that were streamed by Niki Nihachu.

Nichachu and Wilbur are not Dating:

As this goes on the fans are so existed for them to be a couple and they did start shipping this couple. But according to the report, one of her fans did say that in one of the Niki streams on June 10th she did say that she and Wilbur are just good friends and are not dating. This piece of information is rather disappointing to those fans who shipped this couple. But that is the reality of the world which is they are good friends and are happy with the way they are. So now it is known that Nihanchu and Wilbur are not dating. Everything is just a rumor.

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