Best Pubg Keybinds: Pro Pubg Keyboard Layout Recommendation

Best Keybinds For Pubg

What is the importance of keybinds in pubg? The answer is simple, we want you to perform the best consistently. With the right set of Layout Settings in Pubg, your performance will get a boost. The best part about this boost is that it is consistent. It will help you maintain the performance mode. It will give your gameplay a flow without any obstacle in between. So what are the best pubg keybinds? How to keybind crouch jump pubg? Everything has been dealt with in this article.

Here in this article, we will provide you with the best pubg keybinds from medical keys overwatch crouch keybinds. To know what the best keybinds for pubg are walk with us through the article.

Best Medical keys In PUBG:

You know the importance of medical keys in the game. You cannot deny that you need to bind the medical keys to get that knack in the performance that you need. The best keyboard layouts for pubg medical keys should start with Boost. The importance of Boost is known to everyone and it is the importance that it holds that makes us suggest it first in the best pubg keybinds in medical keys. You need to Boost in maximum situations. Coming to the sequence, you need to go through the following on the basis of priority: Boost> first aid> Medkits. Follow the sequence of T> H> Y respectively for each of them.

Best Pubg Keybinds

Toggle Lean Pubg:

It is unfair to mention the best keybinds for pubg and not to mention Toggle lean pubg. Toggle lean pubg comes in the most beloved Toggle map in pubg. The toggle map is highly interesting and loved by many. There are gamers who look for the best pubg keybinds for the toggle map but I suggest that for this map it depends individually. You need to figure it out by yourself and set the one that suits you the best for pro pubg layouts.


This mode is the most used in pubg. Pubg holds to aim gun is the lifeline of the game. The pubg default layout for this mode is B. The thing about the best pubg keybinds for pubg hold to aim firring mode is that the pubg default keybinds work perfectly for the same. You do not need to change it. Pubg holds to aim firing mode can work with pubg default keybinds.

Zeroing Distance:

This feature is not used by many players who are used to firing targets at a range. Having said that we cannot deny the importance of zeroing out. Pro pubg keybinds will want the best pubg keybinds for zeroing to be the mouse. This will be the best keyboard for pubg.

How to Keybind Crouch Jump Pubg?

How to keybind Crouch jump is yet another query that we receive. For that to answer, we searched for pro pubg keybinds to get the answer to how to keybind crouch jump pubg. The answer is C. This will be the best keyboard for pubg to follow.

Push And Talk:

Many players wish to play in duals or in squads. In those modes, this Push to Talk feature becomes extremely important. The best pubg keybinds for this mode should be the Tab button.


The pubg keyboard layout for the best pubg keybinds cannot be complete without mentioning autorun. This feature is quite unknown so if you need the best pubg keybinds for this one just bind it to the key you used the feature for any other game you have played.

The pubg keyboard layout for the best pubg keybinds is now complete. We like to mention here that the pro pubg Keyboard Layout has been mentioned here based on what most professional players use. They may or may not work for you. The best way to find the pubg keyboard layout that works the best for you will be to play and see what works for you!