Best Pubg Sensitivity Settings for Xbox One?


The gaming community is growing every day. It has expanded its boundaries to not only computer gaming but also console. Console players are growing each day. Pubg Xbox is not any rare case but a gaming habit adopted by players all across the world. Gaming on a console is not easy. It requires better control of the equipment and settings play a huge role in it. Pubg Xbox settings play a huge role when it comes to performance. Best pubg sensitivity settings for Xbox can make or break your game.

Best pubg settings Xbox will take your gameplay a level up that can fetch you the Chicken Dinner. However, to find the best pubg settings Xbox one is a tough task. Finding the Xbox settings that suit you the best can be a hectic job. Some things may work for you while some others may not. Can there be the best pubg settings Xbox that can be counted on in the time of need? Hell yes! We have the best pubg settings Xbox one for you right here. We did a lot of research and with the personal experiences, we have here in front of you the best pubg settings Xbox one that will definitely work for you. 

If you want to level up your gaming experience on the console and be the best follow the pubg Xbox one settings given below. The pubg Xbox one settings are generalized so that it can work for anyone who wishes to have better control of their game. The pubg Xbox one settings are:

Control Settings:

Controller settings are a crucial part of the Pubg Xbox one settings. The best control settings are:

  • Control Preset: The best key for the controller button is Type B. A lot of pro players across the world have agreed to this preset for the controller. The reason being simple, if you preset to type B you can easily aim down the sights using the left trigger. 
  • Dead Zone: What is a dead zone? If you do not have an idea what is dead zone is, let me clarify. It is that area around the control stick that may sometimes not respond. What are the pubg Xbox one settings for the dead zone? You have two options, either use the right stick dead zone or the left stick dead zone. Pubg dead zone settings here onldiffer only in their drift. Chose the one that suits you the best for your game. 
  • Vibration: Pubg Xbox one settings that have vibration on will need to have feedback too. 

PUBG Xbox Sensitivity Settings:

  • Movement: this depends on your preferences. If you want to run faster or slower, you can change the movement range according to your needs. Our preferred range will be 10-20.
  • Forward: consistency while running forward is essential. For a consistent run, we suggest it to be 11.
  • Multiplayer: to make the vertical movement swift and quick change it to be around 80-100.
  • Enable the aim acceleration and set the rate to be 5: it will make your turns swift and quick 
  • Vehicle Sensitivity: according to our judgment this should be around 15.

Aim Down Scope:

Pubg Xbox one controller settings have aim-down scopes to be set up too. The scope is important in a lot of aspects. The best pubg Xbox one controller settings scope is:

  • 2X Scope: 5
  • 3X Scope: 5
  • 4X Scope: 5
  • 6X Scope: 5
  • 8X Scope: 5
  • 15X Scope: 5
  • Optic Scope: 4


Pubg Xbox one controller settings audio that would be perfect for your game are:

  • The Volume of Gameplay: 95
  • The Volume of Master: 95
  • Disable the music. 
  • The user interface volume should be between 20-70.


Best sensitivity for pubg Xbox graphics are:

  • Field View: if you want to have a larger area under your vision you need a higher view area under you. This will be accomplished by a higher field view magnitude. The range should be around 90.
  • Brightness: for the pubg Xbox sensitivity the brightness should be between normal to high according to your preference. 
  • Disable the universal brightness: each map is individually different and hence changes the settings particularly on the needs of the individual maps. 

Pubg Xbox One Controller Gameplay Settings:

  • Disable the game DVR. It will disable the pops ups that disturb your game. 
  • Killfeed should be of the graphic type which will cover less area of what is the default. 
  • The firing mode at the default level should be single. It will help you get through fights. 
  • Enable the auto-reload in the pubg Xbox sensitivity settings which will save a lot of your time. 
  • Enable the auto equipment attachments option this will save your time in the event of loot. 
  • Disable the equip scope auto attachment as you do not want all the attachments. 
  • The radio message settings are wholly up to you. 
  • Colorblind settings are too up to you. 

These settings also answer how to make pubg run better on Xbox. These perfect settings will be your gateway to get the edge that you always needed. Pubg Xbox sensitivity is crucial when it comes to pro playing. We have here the best sensitivity for pubg Xbox. Follow the settings and experience the difference.