Best PUBG Settings to Boost FPS 2021: Tweaks for Performance Optimization

Best PUBG Settings to Boost FPS 2021

What is the most important thing that a gamer must have apart from equipment and skills to win? Confused? You must be! It is the perfect settings setup. The best settings only add to your pubg performance. It can be your winning move. No one can deny that with pubg settings that enhance your game are personalized and gives you an edge over others. So what are the best pubg settings? How can they improve your pubg performance? How should you go forward for playerunknown’s battlegrounds optimization for the best possible result? How to make pubg run better on your pc? All of these questions have been answered in the article.

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One thing that is to be kept in mind is that every player must have his/her individual setup which is set suiting them. Customize the pubg settings as per what will improve pubg performance. Playerunknown’s battlegrounds optimization for the best improves pubg performance. Here we advise you on some general settings that have worked for a lot of people. You can try them and later for the best pubg settings for yourself. We will also talk about pubg fps boost 2021.

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Best PUBG Settings (Basic):

pubg optimization

These are the generalized pubg settings that are based on the recommendations of most pro players. These work best for playerunknown’s battlegrounds optimization for best pubg performance. Open the Nvidia control panel pubg and:

  • Disable the aim assist: This function can create problems for you while in the game for some situations. That is why we advise you to turn this off for your betterment. When you need to shoot the opponents that are standing next to each other, this function will create problems for you. Hence, for best pubg settings disable the function.
  • Enable the sight warning of blocked: This function will help you in a situation where your sight is blocked. This will enable you by giving you a warning of where your aim is. This pubg optimization will work wonders for you.
  • Disable the peek and open scope: This feature can annoy you many a time. This automatically opens the scope when you peek. Disabling it will be the best pubg optimization.
  • Turn Gyroscope to be always on: gyroscope might be frightening but it can be your best friend if you learn to use it. It will give you speed and gaming skills a boost. Just like the pubg fps boost 2021.
  • Enable the FPP SWAP: when you need to shoot people down in close areas, this will give you a view of the first person. This will be the best pubg setting than to play from a view of the third person.
  • PUBG Framerate: if you want a smooth gaming experience set pubg framerate to be the maximum. A great pubg framerate will give you a great advance over the opponent.

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PUBG FPS Boost 2021:

pubg fps boost 2021

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds optimization is possible only with playerunknown’s battlegrounds fps fix. How to increase pubg fps is a heavily searched question. How to improve fps in pubg is what this section is all about. We would be informing you of the ways with which you can get pubg max fps. These methods will be the best pubg settings: Open the Nvidia control panel pubg and:

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  • Files that are not used must be deleted: For this to happen you need to open the temporary section of your device. On the search bar type %temp% and enter. All your temporary files will be listed. Delete them all. This will increase pubg fps to a great extent and is the answer to how to make pubg run better on pc.
  • Alter the power settings: For the best fps boost 2021 you need to know the answer to playerunknown’s battlegrounds fps fix. Power option alteration can help you with it. How to increase pubg fps? Here is the answer, you need to change your power option to ‘Balanced’ or ‘power saver’. What this will do in pubg performance? It will improve the battery life. Click on the battery icon on the footer. You will find the battery options. change it to balanced. This will be the answer to how to improve pubg fps for the best pubg settings.
  • Always keep the Graphics Driver Updated: old graphics driver can be a pubg fps cap. For pubg max fps keep your graphic driver updated and you would never feel the need to search for playerunknown’s battlegrounds fps fix. An updated graphic driver is the key to pubg max fps and is a pubg fps cap. If you need a solution that will automatically update your driver then you should download the driver easily. It will detect whenever there is a need to update the graphics driver and will automatically update it. This will be your player’s unknown battlegrounds fps fix. 
  • Change the display settings: For the best pubg settings you need to do some changes to increase pubg fps. Go to the Nvidia control panel pubg and open the tsl game and then go to the properties. You need to open the compatibility section and unselect the override high DPI scaling behavior. This will increase pung fps.
  • The last tip would be to alter the stream launch options file: For this, you need to go to the library and open the properties of pubg. Select the stream options and press windows and R at the same time. This will change the stream launch option. Pung launch options for fps will be changed after that. The codes that will assist you to pung launch options 2021 are sm4 and USEALLAVAILABLECORES. These are the best pubg launch options for 2021. These Pubg launch options for fps will increase pung fps. 

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This article provided you with the best pubg settings and answers on how to increase pubg fps in detail. We hope the purpose of the article is served.