Canted Sights can do Miracles in PUBG: How Canted Sights Work?

Canted Sights

In the year 2020, Pubg introduced the concept of canted sights. If you are struggling with questions like what are canted sights? How to use canted sights pubg? Or player unknown battlegrounds how to use the scope? This is the place for you. We have everything explained here for you.

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What Are Canted Sights?

When a player has a weapon with secondary scope slot, they can switch between the sights of the weapon. This is enabled via canted sight in pubg. This enables the player to rotate the pubg sights up to 45%. This gives you a customizable canted scope.

How To Use A Scope In PUBG?

Use Canted Sights in PUBG

The scope that you are about to use in the game depends on where your canted sight is attached to the weapon. They can either be:

  • Only a canted sight attachment will fetch you a primary canted sight.
  • If you attach the canted sight after you are done with the scope, then you will get a primary scope.
  • If the scope is attached after the canted sight, then the canted sight becomes primary sight.

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Weapons Compatible With Canted Sights:

Canted sight pubg works with almost all the weapons. We have listed a few of them below. It works with a lot of them, listing them all is not viable. These are just examples of weapons compatible with canted scope:

  •  Shotguns like S12K, DBS.
  • Assault Rifles like Beryl M762, AUG, AKM, Mutant, G36C, M416, AUG.
  • Snipers like AWM, Kar98K, MP5K.
  • LMG– M249.
  • SMG like Bizon, UMP45, VeMP5K, Vector, etc.

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Pubg How To Use Canted Sight?

Pubg canted sight is just another tool to equip yourself with. If you are struggling with the question of how to use canted sight pubg? Worry no more. We are here with all the necessary baby steps you need to get the answer to pubg how to use canted sight. 

As this is just another tool, you will find canted sights on the map. You need to look around for this canted scope on the map. if you are lucky enough to find the canted sight, you have the opinion of equipping your weapon with the canted sight. Now you can change scopes and sights very easily.

The angle of the weapon is seen to be changed after the installation of canted iron sight. However, the hitting speed and range remain+ the same.

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Why Use Canted Sights?

The question obviously comes around as to why should one use canted sights? What do you get in return? Is it beneficial for you to use canted sights?

The answer boils down to a big Yes! Canted sights can improve your gameplay to the next level. Let us imagine a scenario. You are in the game. You are shooting your enemies who are at a distance. You have trouble hitting them right. Now imagine you have a canted sight and a weapon compatible with them. The angle of the sight changes with one click. The scope changes and now you have a better vision. You can locate and hit your enemy better. Sounds great right?

You can achieve a better canted sight with this new tool by pubg. It is obvious how much this tool can help you in the game.

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It is not tough to use Canted sights if you find them on the map. Do not underestimate the power of this small feature. A little edge over the enemy is always needed to be the last man standing. This is it about the Canted Sights. Follow us for more tips and tricks about gaming.