How to Change Shift Tab On Steam Overlay in PUBG?

Change Shift Tab On Steam Overlay in PUBG

Pubg is a game that requires a lot of skill and tactics. Gamers all around the world use different settings and functions that can enhance their gameplay. One of them is shifttab overlay. This shifttab is often used by some gamers that are considered to be the pro tip. However, this shifttab may not work for many. This feature may annoy a lot of gamers. Often we have been asked, ‘change steam overlay’, how to change shifttab on steam? How to turn off shift tab steam? Etc.

To put an end to your questions we here will be answering all the questions from change steam overlay to how to disable shift tab steam. Given below are detailed guides for the same.

How To Change Shift Tab On Steam?

Change in shift tab overlay can resolve a lot of your issues. To rebind the shift tab follow the steps given below:

  • Open the device and navigate to the steam. Click open the client.
  • Go to the Settings of your steam.
  • You will now have to find the Shortcut and click it.
  • Press SHIFT+F1.
  • Tap on the OK you see on the screen.

Change Shift Tab On Steam

Your Shifttab overlay has been changed! It was that simple.

How To Enable Steam Overlay?

Enable Steam Overlay

While for many, shifttab might be an issue, while for many, it is a boom. So if you have not yet turned on the shifttab, you may seek to enable it. To perform the same follow the instructions given below:

  • To attach the game to the shifttab overlay section, you need to launch the game in the library.
  • Open the Steam client and click on the top tab you see. 
  • Add the game you want to use shifttab in. 
  • Launch the game in the games library.
  • You are done.

How To Disable Shift Tab Steam?

Disable Shift Tab Steam

In case you wish to completely disable shift tab steam, we have listed the steps involved below:

  • Click open the steam client on your device. 
  • Click the open the drop-down menu from the top left corner. 
  • Navigate to the settings option. 
  • Open the ‘preference’ option. 
  • On the left sidebar, you will find the ‘in game’ option. 
  • Here you find the enable the steam overlay while in-game. Against that option is a box that is checked. Uncheck the box. 
  • Once done click on okay. 

You are done. With these simple steps, you have answered the question of how to disable steam overlay for a game. You have successfully disabled the shifttab in the game. 

How To Resolve Steam overlay not working Pubg?

Steam overlay not working Pubg

If your pubg failed to launch steam overlay there may be severe reasons behind it. To Resolve Steam overlay not working we give you a few solutions here:

  • Keep your steam client away from anti-virus software. Steam shifttab overlay should have the freedom to freely interact. The anti-virus can be a hindrance. You can either choose your anti-virus not to hinder your game or go for a more powerful anti-virus that will not affect your game. 
  • Some minor issues may also be the reason, the solution is simple. Disable then try to enable shifttab overlay. This method might work in a few cases. 
  • You might be using an old slow version. Make sure that you are using the latest version. Update in case you haven’t. 
  • In many cases uninstalling and then reinstalling steam overlay too may work. 

These were some solutions to the questions from how to turn off shift-tab steam to how to activate steam overlay. We hope we were of any help.