How to Change the Random Tick Speed in Minecraft?

Random Tick Speed Minecraft

With the ever-changing real world, all of us want to jump into the imaginary world to have the ecstasy of winning, away from the judging eye wanting to do what we want. One such thing which can help in relaxing and having our own world is by playing games. Minecraft is one of such games which will help in immersing yourself to forget reality and enjoy the present time.

Tick Speed:

Minecraft Normal Tick Speed

As it is known that there are tons of settings and options available when used properly can help in improving the gameplay and also help in the process of customizing our own world. With these settings, it will help in having a better experience when it is used properly.  One such setting which is used is tick speed. This setting can be customized according to the need of the player as per their wish and comfortability.

With the big difference between the real world and the virtual world in Minecraft, tick speed is what is used to calculate the time when playing the game. When it is compared to the real-time world these times are rather too short.

Tick Calculation to real-time:

Minecraft generally runs at a fixed rate and it has 20 ticks in a second. So basically it will have a single tick every 0.05 sec. So when calculating it will finally sum up as having 24000 ticks per game day and that means a game will last typically 20 minutes.

Changes with Tick speed:

Minecraft Tick Speed

The activity which takes place in Minecraft is fully dependent on the tick speed of the game. It controls all the things that happen in the game from the growth of the grass to the decaying of the samplings and every other thing in the game. So when changing the tick speed it should be done with proper consideration as changing it make it better or sometimes worse and will disturb your gameplay.

When the tick speed is changed in the game we can see many changes in the games as everything in the game is dependent on the tick speed. Some of the things which will change when the tick speed is changed are crops and the saplings will mature at a quicker phase, the hatching of the turtle eggs will be much faster, fires will burn out and spread out in a much faster phase, mushrooms will spread fastly, leaves will tend to decay fastly, and the grass and the mycelium tend to spread faster. These are some of the changes which can be seen.

Players with Tick Speed:

One should consider carefully when wanting to have high tick speed as when the tick speed is increased drastically even though the gameplay will be better but it will lead to the internet lag. Sometimes it may also help the player who wants to do some rather extreme landscaping in the game as they will benefit from the whole cluster of the leaves present will get disintegrated as soon as the last log is broken in the game.

This will also be beneficial for those players who prefer hoppers. As the players can easily run between the things much faster than compared to that of the normal things. So when wanting to alter the tick speed players can easily navigate it in the world settings. It can be easily found at the bottom of the sections and changing it can sometimes be considered as cheating in the game and can disable getting the achievement in the game. The random tick speed can also be changed when using the command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed”. This will easily help in increasing the number of random ticks that can considerably occur per block. When it is enabled it can be set according to the player’s preference at any four-digit number and when. When the reset button is turned on it will get changed back to one as it is the basic default settings.  Mainly when the player is changing the tick speed they should have in account that they do not have any kind of substances which may catch fire easily. As when the quality is increased drastically will trouble when putting off the fire and it will get easily spread.

So when wanting to have better gameplay it is mandatory for the players to have control of the tick speed. A person should use everything in their hand wisely to conqueror the world.

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