ChocoTaco PUBG Settings, Keybinds, Equipment and Gears

ChocoTaco PUBG Settings

Pubg community is spread across the world. There are fans of this game in every nook and corner. There are a lot of well-known faces amongst the Pubg players who today are the stars of this hot game. One of the well-known faces is ChocoTaco. A professor turned full-time gamer, Chocotaco pubg settings can teach us a lot.

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ChocoTaco Background:

Choco taco pubg settings are the best in the market today. But who is ChocoTaco? What was Choco taco streamer doing before coming into the world of gaming?

ChocoTaco’s real name is Jacob Throop. Though well known by his gaming name there are millions of fan followers that follow chocotaco real name. Chocotaco real name is Jacob Thropp who was an educator before turning to game. He used to teach engineering students. However today it is Choco Taco streamer that we all know. Yes, you heard it right. He left his job and today he is Choco Taco streamer full-time. From the Team Solomid, Choco taco is popular for its kill rate which is said to be the best in North America. Today he is also Chocotaco TSM officially. What can we learn from an educator himself? Chocotaco pubg settings will just be the right thing!

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Choco Taco Pubg Settings:

It is an advantage for him that he hails from an educational background. This gave him a tone that is loved by all and ChocoTaco pubg settings are something that is to be learned from by all. From Video settings to the ChocoTaco headset everything is chosen keeping in mind every little analysis. So without any further ado let us look at ChocoTaco Pubg Settings:

Video Settings:

Resolution 1920 x1080
Field View 100
Rate Of Refresh 144 Hz
Distance View Very Low
Window Full
Brightness 85
Shadows Very Low
textures High
Foliage Low
Effects Very Low

Mouse Settings:

DPI 850
Sensitivity 20
2X SCope 20
3 XScope 20
4 X Scope 20
6 X Scope 20
8 X Scope 20
15 X Scope 20
Polling Rate 500 Hz
ADS  25

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ChocoTaco Pubg Keybinds:

ChocoTaco pubg keybinds are the finest in the gaming community. Correct keybinds give you that extra acceleration that you need to be the last man standing. The highlight of ChocoTaco pubg settings will be Chocotaco pubg keybinds. Let us have a look:

Push to talk Mouse page up
Energy Drink  F5
Heal Item Hyphen
Bandage Use F4
Grenade cooking R
Left Peak Q
Right Peak E
Jump Space bar
Crouch C
Prone X
AutoRun =
Free Look Alt-Left one
Side Arm 2
Throwables 6
Melee Weapon 4
Increase the Zeroing T
Decrease the zeroing G
Interact  D
Walk Ctrl
New weapon Wheel up 

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ChocoTaco PC Setup:

ChocoTaco PUBG

What is the Chocotaco setup that everyone has an eye on? ChocoTaco PC setup is an example of what the brilliant players use. Let us have a look at ChocoTaco PC Setup from monitor model to chocotaco headset everything is here:

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ChocoTaco pubg setting and setup can be your game changer. ChocoTaco is an amazing player and today is Chocotaco TSM as well. He will be representing Pubg as Chocotaco TSM. For people who strive to improve their game every day, it is important to keep and eye on what the successful ones have done to get there. This teaches us a lot and chocotaco pubg settings are just one example of it. Follow us for more.