Choosing Your Triathlon Coach

Training with a trainer has become the norm of triathlon athletes. Irrespective of whether you are new to the sport or already a veteran, an experienced coach can significantly improve your own performance. They can help you stay away from dumb pitfalls and make you the beginning line fit and ready to race.

With the large number of triathlon coaches offering their solutions, it can be tough to determine who to choose. Below, we’re giving you the four things which you should consider when selecting a softball trainer to hire.


Not everyone can work with trainers, but all sorts of athletes can significantly benefit from getting one. To put it simply, it isn’t important if you’re fast or slow or amateur or past your prime. Goals have to be fulfilled, and having a seasoned coach beside you will help you maximize your potential.

When you talk to a potential trainer, be sure to ask questions, and relay your questions. The perspective coach should ask about you and your objectives. Have they worked with somebody who has the exact same background and goals as possible? Additionally, bear in mind the softball coach who works nicely for the friend, might not be the best fit for you.

When hiring a softball trainer, you will be faced with a range of choices, including a variety of price points. Hopefully, you will get exactly what you pay for, however, this is sometimes not the case, so make sure to do your homework.

Here are four things that we suggest you consider when deciding who to hire as a triathlon coach.


Not everybody can work with trainers, but all kinds of athletes can significantly benefit from getting one. In other words, it isn’t important if you’re slow or fast or amateur or beyond your prime. Goals have to be fulfilled, and having a seasoned coach beside you will help you maximize your own potential.

When you speak with a potential coach, make sure to ask questions, and relay your questions. Perhaps they worked with somebody who has the same background and intentions as you? Additionally, remember that the triathlon coach who works nicely for your friend, might not be the ideal fit for you.

When employing a softball trainer, you will come face to face with a range of options, including many different price points. Hopefully, you’ll get what you pay for, however, this is sometimes not true, so make certain you do your homework.

Listed below are four things that we advise you to consider when determining who to hire as a triathlon coach.


An important issue to look for in a triathlon coach credentials, such as coaching certifications and training and racing experience. Regardless, the training coach you choose to hire ought to have some sort of coaching certification.


Besides certifications, a more crucial factor that comes into play when choosing a softball trainer to hire is the coach’s experience and total training knowledge. The potential coach has a superb history in coaching. The more athletes a trainer has worked with over the years, the more experience and knowledge they will have to draw on when working together with you. To put it differently, select a coach who has experience in the type of race and space which you’re planning for. For instance, if you’re aiming for a full distance triathlon, it’s only logical to pick a coach who has finished this space, rather more than once.

Similarly, if you’re looking to qualify for a championship event, get a trainer who has achieved a title or has worked together with different athletes who have made this accomplishment.

Is a fantastic triathlete a good coach?

However, remember that not all good triathletes make great coaches. Even though this can be true, there are always exceptions.


This is probably one, if not the most, crucial thing to look for in a trainer. Good communication translates into good coaching, and a superb communicator shows accessibility and responsiveness.

But, keep in mind that communication is two-way, which means it is also crucial that you communicate well with your prospective coach. Open communication with your trainer will enable you to express your concerns regarding a particular workout pattern or a personal problem that causes you to skip training.

Since the athlete, you expect to become a priority to your coach and NOT a secondary responsibility. At Team Enduro, we make athletes our top priority. Our 1:1 customer relationships enable us to address the questions and concerns of our customers instantly. Whether you select a basic training program or a 1:1 training, we make sure to provide boundless communication through telephone, text, and email.

Opt for a softball trainer who makes sure that your targets and expectations are realistic. You do not wish to employ a mentor who agrees with everything you say or guarantees you unrealistic outcomes, just for you to end up disappointed or hurt, or even worst, both.

Your coach needs have to be someone who can provide you”hard discussions” about your expectations versus your own ability and limitations and coaching mindset.

Did you bite off more than you can chew with this objective? Do you need a day off? Are you really going too hard when you’re not supposed to? Or are you wimping out on the last tough sets of a workout?

Honesty can sometimes hurt, but it is crucial to enhancing and setting realistic objectives.


A good coach lives and understands life. While distinct goals require more time and commitment than others, nothing will be achieved unless everything is balanced appropriately.

Our training programs at Team Enduro, specifically our daily and weekly training schedules, are specifically structured to meet our customers’ schedules and requirements. We always adjust our customer’s training programs according to their opinions.

To put it differently, we perform to put up each athlete to get the achievement. We make sure our athletes can finish their weekly training burden without sacrificing time for rest and recovery. Team Enduro understands the last thing an athlete need is a training schedule that adds unnecessary stress.

Employing a mentor with whom you feel comfortable and who can create a training plan that works for you and your goals remains the most crucial thing. Ask prospective coaches for references, and speak to a couple of their previous or current athletes. In the end, hiring a good triathlon coach will allow you to maximize your time so you arrive at the start line at your healthiest, fittest, and best place for the race you’ve trained hard for.

Coach Wes Fornes is the founder of Team Enduro. He’s been in the triathlon training industry for 15 years and has coached athletes who have won national triathlon championships. He targets 1 relationship with his clients and creates detailed training programs unique to each of these, and needs all his trainers to do the same.

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