How to Bind Crouch Jump with Macro in PUBG in 2021

pubg crouch jump after patch

When every player wants to improve every day they learn new skills. Pubg gamers too have to keep themselves updated every day to get the best of themselves. There will always be competition and therefore there is a need to improve yourself every day. One such technique is crouch jump macro pubg. 

What is Crouch Jump Macro Pubg?

bind crouch jump pubg

What is so unique about crouch jump macro pubg is that it lets you jump exceptionally and one jump can take you to places far off. 

The best part about it is that it enables you to jump out of windows. With the pubg window jump macro you can jump out of a window in one go. This is why it becomes exceptionally important to learn to make a pubg window jump macro popularly called pubg crouch jump keybind or the pubg window jump bind. 

How to Keybind Crouch Jump PUBG?

Now the question is in pubg how to crouch jump. What do you need to do to make a bind crouch jump pubg? This section deals with the steps involved. You must also know that it is not a technique known to many and hence it can help you with your game. No other will have this technique. Now how to keybind crouch jump pubg?

Crouch Jump Key Bind 

You have two options to complete the task. We have described all three below. Follow the one that suits you the best:

In-Game Key Mapping Method of Crouch Jump:

For making crouch jump macro pubg in-game follow the steps listed :

  • Go to the key mapping section
  • You will find a crouch listed, tap on it. 
  • The next step is to click SHIFT + SPACE BAR. 
  • The next step is to go to the jump section in the column that is secondary. 
  • You need to click on it too. 
  • The next step is tricky. While you press SHIFT + SPACE BAR you need to keep pressing the shift button until you click on the primary. 
  • Now you have two keys in alignment. 
  • Your setting is done. You can bind crouch jump pubg. 

Change In-Game Configuration:

This is another method to pubg window jump bind. All you need to do is:

  • Click WINDOWS + R. 
  • Next type localappdata%\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor. 
  • Now you need to open a file called GameUserSettings.ini via your notepad. 
  • Now click on CTRL + F. 
  • Next step is to “Keys=((Key=SpaceBar),”in addition to “(Key=SpaceBar,bShift=True). 
  • Again CTRL + F. 
  • You will see a comma. Point the cursor after the comma and paste the following (Key=SpaceBar,bShift=True))). 
  • Now save the file and you are done to make crouch jump macro pubg. 

Tips while making the Crouch Jump Macro PUBG:

  • To make the pubg window jump bind you need to make it easily accessible. You need to assign a key for making the pubg crouch jump after patch. You should keep in mind to assign the key that can be reached out very easily. 
  • To change the assigned key simply go to the settings and in the settings to the control section. Going below you will find the jump option. 
  • Here you can assign the pubg window jump macro to any of the keys. Our recommendation would be the SpaceBar or shift button as they are within reach constantly. 
  • This was the primary key to make the pubg crouch jump keybind. 
  • Next is to select the secondary key to making the pubg crouch jump after the patch. We suggest SHIFT + SPACE BAR. As this is the most used. You can easily make the pubg window jump bind now. 
  • These simple yet effective ways will help you make the bind crouch jump pubg. Learning crouch jump macro pubg will help you immensely in becoming the last man standing.

This was about the bind crouch jump pubg and how to make it. It answers your question to pubg how to crouch jump or how to keybind crouch jump pubg. With these simple steps, you will be a pro at pubg jump through window. Plus it will take you to places normally inaccessible. We hope you now know about the pubg window jump bind.