FPSCameraFOV Best Fov Setting: What Is Fps Camera Fov Pubg?


Pubg settings hold great importance while entering the game of being the best. Right PUBG settings can make your game or can break it if they are wrong. Hence, every player wants to know the best PUBG settings. FPSCameraFOV is a major part of PUBG settings. PUBG FPS Camera FOV cannot be generalized though. Every player has their own individual preference and suitability.

What is FPS Camera FOV Pubg?

Here we are talking of field view. By default PUBG, FPSCameraFOV is set to a third-person perspective. However, a first-person perspective can be set as the field view if you wish to. Having said that we cannot deny that there is nothing like the best FOV for PUBG. It is person-specific. So what are the pros and cons of high FPSCameraFOV? 

  • A higher FPSCameraFOV will make your view large. This will make it more difficult for you to aim and target your enemy. Hence it is not suitable. 
  • But when everything on your screen is present just in front of your eyes it is great for focusing. 

How to change FOV in PUBG?

Pubg Fps Camera Fov

It is a must to change FOV in PUBG according to your needs. Some people find it difficult to get the steps done. Here is how to change FOV in PUBG:

  • Open the settings of your PUBG and go to the screen section. 
  • In the screen section, you will find the FPSCameraFOV. 
  • There is a slider to increase or decrease the PUBG FPS camera FOV. 
  • You can go as low as 80 or as high as 103. These are your limits. 
  • Set the FPP Camera FOV with the PUBG FOV slider. You are done! You have changed the PUBG field of view. 

Best FOV for PUBG:

The question is, which is the best FOV for PUBG, high or low? This question has rung many bells in the era of PUBG with people having all sorts of opinions. This is our analysis and our opinion. 

In practicality, when you have a wider view of the FPP camera FOV, you can observe every activity around you. Your enemy is in a wider range of PUBG fields of view. This makes it easy for you to aim and target your enemy. It also makes every possible thing that you need in your sight and hence comes in handy when you are surrounded by enemies. A higher FPSCameraFOV will ensure that you can observe the things around you better and plan accordingly. FPP camera FOV can be a great help in the PUBG field of view. 

Having said that, we cannot deny that low FPSCameraFOV has its pros as well. When you need to focus and shoot down your enemies nothing is better than a low PUBG FPS camera FOV. You can better look and focus on your enemy before shooting. What if you need to shoot your enemy but your friend is insight as well? It is in situations like these that a low FPSCameraFOV will help you focus. 

In our opinion, a wider FPSCameraFOV will be the PUBG best FOV setting. With a wider PUBG view of field, you know where to run, what to do, and what all your options are. These things make a wider FPSCameraFOV the PUBG best FOV setting. We are talking about the best FOV for PUBG mobile. A low FOV will work on the bigger screen just fine. 

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds FOV can be a game-changer. Keep the points mentioned in the article before choosing your FPSCameraFOV.