How much is an Optifine Cape? How to get an Optifine Capes?

How much is an Optifine Cape

Dressing fancy and as best as we can, just not to impress others, maybe a little bit. Similarly dressing our gaming character to our liking is fun too. But wearing a cape which will be fancy and help in protecting against the enemy is like getting two candies. This can be done by owning an Optifine cape. So by knowing how much is an Optifine cape and how it can be used also will be helpful while playing the game.

Optifine Capes:

These Optifine capes are said to be the protective covering for the character’s face. It is one of the rarest available items in the world of Minecraft. All the active players of the Minecraft world know this and will want to have it in their inventory. Using this cape while playing will help your character by covering its face. Which will result in having better protection when battling against the enemy.

Obtaining Optifine Cape:

get an Optifine Capes

So to have the cape in your inventory the first step is a donation. It is important for a player to know how to install Optifine mod installed to the server of Minecraft. Only then will that person get a possibility to have it. While downloading one has to make sure whether the person’s Minecraft server supports it.

After installing the mod then the player can easily purchase it as the Optifine cape is not free. As soon as the mod is installed the player will have access to the cape. For purchasing it one has to visit the website of Optifine. From there it is easy to purchase it.


After accessing the Optifine website the player has to put their username which they use in Minecraft in the available description box. The menu presents there drop-down and can be used for customizing the cape by changing the color and the style of it. One can make their own Optifine cape design. But choosing the custom cape designs.

How to pay for Optifine Cape?

The payment wall button should be clicked. In the text box available the email ID should be entered. Before continuing to the next step. Then the next page which opens will show you how much the Optifine cape is. To purchase a cape one has to spend almost 10 dollars. After the payment procedure is done you will finally have the Optifine cape in your hand.

Purchasing the Optifine cape is Safe?

It is completely safe for Minecraft players to buy the Optifine cape. But it is better for the players to change some aspects before they tend to buy the cape. While buying the cape it is important that the details of your gaming ID is given properly. Checking before moving forward to the next step will help in avoiding going through any kind of problems. It is advisable to remove any kind of bugs or irrelevant things which may interrupt you when buying it.

Optifine Cape without Optifine:

It is mandatory for all the players in Minecraft to first install the Optifine. Without it one can not purchase the Optifine cape. With it installed it can be accessed and installing the Optifine is free of cost.

How Optifine works?

This is one of the skin packs that are available in Minecraft. This will help in safeguarding your character from the enemy during the gameplay. To make it work the players need to make some changes in their settings. This can be done by, in the video setting Options, the capes should be activated. The skin customization setting should also be enabled to use in the game. In the main menu of Minecraft using the character profile button, one can activate it.

More Optifine Capes:

It is always the more the merrier. But it is said that only one Optifine cape can be owned by the players in the game. But one good thing is that using the Optifine mod can be transferred to any of the player’s accounts. And so you will be able to use your favorite Optifine cape anytime you want it.

Changing the Optifine cape will tend to cost you a few pennies. But you can make it easily appear in your gameplay within no time.

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