How To Fall Faster In PUBG? Drop/Parachute Faster Before Anyone

How To Parachute Faster In Pubg

How to fall faster in Pubg is an important question. It is said that the start of anything determines the end. Just like the first impression is the last impression, landing in pubg determines your lead in the game. 

Why are we saying this? The logic and facts are simple. If you fall faster in pubg you get the hold of the ground faster. You can speed up quickly and this, in turn, will help you get a hand on the loot faster. Hence the question of how to fall faster in pubg is of quite an importance.

How To Fall Faster In PUBG?

How To Fall Faster In PUBG

There are some points that can help you with the question, how to fall faster in pubg. Keep the following in mind and you will be doing great:

  1. To Choose Your Landing Mark: Always pre-handily chose where you are supposed to land on the map. This saves your time on the plane to decide where you need to land and your plan is ready. Another point to be noted here is that always try not to get in the center of the circle. This is because most players will tend to fall in the center. Hence for you to fall faster in pubg with less crowd, do not jump in the circle.
  2. Fall At Your Marked Location 700m Away: How to fall faster in pubg? Try to fall at your marked location when you are 700m away. What will this do? The air is a better trajectory and will take you to your location faster. This will help save your time running with others bumping and making way. Every second is important to fall faster in pubg.
  3. Try Techniques To Fall Faster: To accelerate your landing speed there are some tips and tricks. These will help you in how to fall faster in pubg. Once you open your parachute directly aim towards your location without wasting a second. Also if you land horizontally it will too accelerate your landing speed. Just keep your eyes on the edge of your marked location. These little tips and tricks will give you a great advantage over the other and you will definitely see the results once you implement them in the game. 
  4. Do Not Open The Parachute Until The End: Why? Because parachutes decrease your landing speed. When you fall from the sky without the parachute you fall faster in pubg. Once you open up the parachute it decreases your landing speed. Hence, keep in mind that you have to open the parachute only a few meters above the ground. This will decrease the delay caused by the parachute to the maximum and help you to fall faster in pubg.
  5. Always Choose Isolated Locations: This simple yet crucial tip will be the ending answer to how to fall faster in pubg.Neverland in the surrounding of your enemy. Too many enemies will create too many issues and too much delay. So when deciding to land, always choose a location that is isolated and will save your time quite a lot. Isolated landing grounds will save a lot of your time.

These simple points will be the best answer to how to fall faster in pubg. A perfect and quick landing is the entry that you make in the game. A fast entry will give you the confidence to go and win the game. Hence, follow the tips given above to make the fastest and the quickest entry our hero!