How To Get Nautilus Shells? What to do with Nautilus Shell Minecraft?

How To Get Nautilus Shells

Having the power of attacking the enemy is always better. Instead of just wanting to be king on land, the players can also attack the mobs who are inside the water. For this to happen the player will need conduit power. Which is obtained from the conduits. So ultimately the players need to know how to get nautilus shells to do all of these. As the nautilus shells are used in the process of crafting the conduits.

Obtaining Nautilus Shells:

Nautilus Shells

There are three ways in which the nautilus shells can be obtained. They are by

  • Fishing
  • Mob loot
  • Trading


These nautilus shells can also be considered treasury items. Which can be obtained rarely when obtained during fishing. As it is one of those rare elements it requires the drop chance ought to be increased. These can be increased when the player’s fishing rods, luck of the sea, increases to a higher level. The higher the level the higher the chance one can get the nautilus shells.

As the percentage of obtaining is only 0.8 percent when the luck of sea increases the percentage. With the increase of one level, it will increase by 1.2 percent. Then for the second level up, it will be at 1.5 percent. 1.9 percent for the third level. This type of finding the nautilus shells is one of the most time-consuming ways.

Mob Loot:

After drowning, the mob only has about a 3 percent to 8 percent chance that they will spawn with the nautilus shells. But upon their death, one can always find the dropped nautilus shell.

Even though the mob spawning with the shells is low, if they do, then the player can get the shells upon the death of the mob. The players have to remember that the drowned are only found in the oceans and the rivers. To kill them the players have to use melee or ranged attacks. With which they can be easily killed and the task can be accomplished.

Trading for Nautilus Shells:

As it is not new that a player can always trade to buy whatever a player wants. So with the wandering traders, the nautilus shells can be bought for emeralds. One nautilus shell costs 5 emeralds. These can also be bought in smaller amounts only. As they will sell only 5 nautilus shells at a time. Even though all the items will not be found usually. It is always advisable to check back with the wandering traders. As they tend to have everything in stock.

So if the players want to use them, they have to collect at least 8 of the nautilus shells. As only then they can do the process. They have to be placed on the empty block aligned center and then at the center, it should have the hearts of the sea. With this structured placement, the conduits can be crafted. The usage of the conduits in 3*3*3 in the water blocks will help the players in obtaining the conduit power.


Using this will be very advantageous in the game as with it the oxygen can be restored, and one can easily get the night vision and play in dark mode easily. This will also increase the mining speed of the player around them. It can help in expanding to 16 blocks for all the frames with seven blocks and it will also tend to increase in much larger space if so it is expanded and when building on a larger scale.

The conduit power obtained from the nautilus shells will also let the players breathe under the water. When they are placed inside of the prismarine block rings then they can perform these things in the game.

So when playing the game it is advisable to use all the resources. In the end, what everyone wants is to win the game. So when all the resources are used wisely it will help in winning the game easily.


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