How To Level Up In Pubg? Fast Level Up Tips [Updated 2021]

How To Level Up In Pubg

The gaming culture has slowly and steadily made its way to every nook and corner of the world. There is immense competition in the field of gaming. A pro player is one with the highest skills and planning. Leveling up in pubg is an indicator of your experience too. This article deals with how to level up in pubg.

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What is Level Up in Pubg? 

A level up as the name suggests, level in pubg always increases and it can never go down. You will never be downgraded from your level. The reason? It’s because the level in pubg is an indicator of your time spent on the game. That’s it. It shows how much time investment you have made in the game. How to level up in pubg has simple and obvious answers. We wish to remind you of them. 

Go More For Classics:

The highest XP can be expected in the mode of a classic. The classic mode is simple and the easiest way to level up in pubg. What we are asking you to do is not to play only the classic mode but the weight of this mode should be more than the others. This would be the first tip to the question of how to level up in pubg. 

Do Not Miss The Daily Challenges:

Daily challenges completion will act as a gift. Daily and weekly challenges will only add to your level of weight. These easy and frequent challenges might be a little addition to your business but have a huge impact on your level. Never miss out on them!

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Health Kits:

This might sound strange but heal kits too have a role to play when it comes to XP. the more frequent and consistent you are with your health kits, bandage, and energy drink usage the more your XP will be. This is a crucial point to keep in mind while dealing with how to level up in pubg. 

Try To Survive:

This is the most basic tip. It is obvious that if you need to level up you need to spend more time on the game. For that to happen, survival is necessary. Do not indulge yourself in pointless fights or dangers. Try to hide and survive in the game to the last to get the answer to how to level up in pubg.

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Experience Card:

Pubg provides an experience card. With each mission you complete you get an experience card. What you might not know is that you can use these cards to not only retrieve prizes but also experience. This is a direct addition to your XP. Hence do use these experience cards to level up in pubg. 

Participate In Quick Games:

The best way towards leveling up in pubg would be playing games that are time-bound. When you participate in time-bound games you know how much time you will get as a bonus to your XP. This is the best and out-of-the-box tip for how to level up in pubg. 

Form A Team With Same Spirit:

Do not forget that you need a team. You play in a team. For you to level up in pubg, your team needs to support you. You cannot be in the process without a team that wishes the same. Hence, make sure that you have a team that will work together to level up in pubg. If you already had a team, talk to them about your vision and we hope that they will understand.

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Make sure that the settings and layout have been set in accordance with your plan. For survival and gaining XP. Settings will help you make it through your goal. 

How to level up in pubg has simple answers. We have listed a few above. We would like to inform you that your level is by no chance a showcase of your skillset rather than your time spent on the game. It only shows your experience. Having said that, we cannot deny that experience holds an important place in the game. Level up with these points given above. They will definitely help you out.

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