How to make a Swiftness Potion in Minecraft?

How To Make A Swiftness Potion In Minecraft

It is important to know how to make a swiftness potion in Minecraft. As with that, it will help the players by having extra speed in their movements. The speed in the game will help in having better access to everything. And a lot of things can be done by it which can help in having the winning possibility at high.

Swiftness potion in Minecraft’s Ingredients:

As the making of any potion will require some ingredients. They are:

  • Crafting table.
  • Brewing stand.
  • Blaze powder.
  • Water bottle.
  • Nether wart.
  • Sugar.

And when a player wants to alter a potion then they will need

  • Redstone Dust.
  • Glowstone Dust.

Making of the Swiftness Potion in Minecraft (3):

minecraft potions chart

So to make the swiftness potion 3 in Minecraft which is the basic version of the potion. It is named as such as it will last for 3 minutes when it is used. So to do it the player has to follow some instructions. That is the crafting table should be crafted by placing wooden planks on the basic crafting interface. And 4 wooden blocks should be placed.

Then the blaze rod should be placed on the crafting interface so that the blaze powder can be crafted. To create a brewing stand will need three cobblestones. These should be placed in the button row in the table. The Blaze rod (single) is to be placed in the middle. Before opening the brewing interface the player should find a convenient location to place the brewing stand.

In the brewing interface, the upper left box is where the blaze powder is added. Then the water bottles are placed in the interface to make the potion. With the amount of water bottle placed one can make that many potions. Then the nether wart is placed on the interface.

Wait until the process is completed and then in the brewing stand interface place the sugar. After placing the sugar the player has to wait until the process is finished. When completed the potion of swiftness can be transferred to the inventory.

Making of the Potion (8):

This is similar to that of the potion of swiftness 3 but only thing is that it will last for eight minutes when it is consumed. To make this one has to know how the potion of swiftness 3 is made. As it will be used in the making of the potion of swiftness 8.

So the instruction is stated as. First, the potion of swiftness 3 which is brewed should be placed in the brewing stand interface. Then the Redstone dust is used here, this is kept in the interface table.

After that, the player has to wait until the process gets completed. Then the potion of swiftness 8 is prepared which can then be transferred to the pliers’ inventory.

Making of the Potion (1.30):

This is the third and final version of the potion. For this also one should know how to make swiftness potion 3. As that will be used in the process of making it. With the addition of an element to alter the potion. This potion will grant the player to get speed II which is not obtained in any of the other options in this. As with the rest of the swiftness potion, the players can only get speed.

These will have double the speed than the rest, that is, this will have 40 percent of the speed while the rest will only have 20 percent of the speed. As the efficiency increases in time, it will considerably decrease. This will only last half the time as the rest of the other potion.

To make it first the potion of swiftness (3) is ought to be placed in the brewing stand interface. Then the players should use the glow stone dust and place it in the interface. The player has to wait until the process is completed. The potion of swiftness 1.30 is speed II is prepared which can be then be transferred to the player’s inventory.

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