How To Take Screenshot in PUBG While in Stream?

How To Take Screenshot in PUBG

What is more, fun playing a game than sharing your moments with your people? Nothing right? We know the importance of sharing screenshots in the digital age. Be it chats or games we need to take screenshots to share these moments with our friends and family. At times we need to screenshot to select your weapon in order to get opinions. However, we found that a lot of gamers are facing the question “how to screenshot in pubg”. We decide to help you out with how to screenshot in pubg.

How to take a screenshot in pubg may sound an easy question but it isn’t. It is tough to take in-game player unknown battleground screenshots. So how can we make it possible? Do not worry, we have three ways with which we can answer the question of how to take a screenshot in pubg. 


How to take a screenshot in steam is yet another most sent question by gamers to us. With which we got the idea that you know what steam is. We just need to guide you to take a screenshot in steam. So, how to take a screenshot in steam? Here is the way:

While trying to take a screenshot in steam, F12 is the driver key. When you face a problem taking a screenshot in steam, it means that there is some application that has made the working of F12 an issue. So if you are wondering how to take a screenshot in steam, you need to find the cause and turn it off to get the key working. It can be some applications like Afterburner, etc. Once you turn it off it will start working again.

To go to your pubg screenshot folder:

  • Simply go to the manager.
  • Find the Screenshot manager. 
  • This will be your pubg screenshot location.
  • Now you go to the dropdown menu. 
  • You will find the pubg screenshot folder of steam.

This was the answer to how to take a screenshot in steam. It also gave you the pubg screenshot location of your pubg screenshot folder through the steam shortcut key. This steam shortcut key will help you find the steam find screenshots you’re tagged in. The steam shortcut key is the best method to get your screenshot located.


How to take a screenshot in pubg has Gyazo as its answer too. But how to use Gyazo in-game. How to take screenshot in pubg using gyazo screenshot hotkey?

Let us find out how to take screenshot in pubg using Gyazo:

Gyazo is an application that makes it very easy to take player unknown battlegrounds screenshots. How to use gyazo in-game is very easy. You just need to know the gyazo shortcut key.

The gyazo shortcut key is: Ctrl+Shift+C. Remember this Gyazo shortcut key to know how to use Gyazi in-game. 

Using the Gyazo shortcut hotkey you think that your screenshot will be sent in the pubg screenshot folder via gyazo screenshot shortcut. However, there is no folder. This application copies your image on paint from where you need to save it to the pubg screenshot location folder.

These were the best possible answers to how to take screenshot in pubg. We hope the article helped you!