Kaymind PUBG Settings, Keybind, Sensitivity, Gear in Twitch 2021

twitch kaymind

Pro PUBG players have gained fame just like the stars of Hollywood. Upcoming and wannabe players idealize them and dream to become one of them. They follow not only their style but also are curious about the techniques used by the pros. Kaymind is yet another established gamer. People look for Kaymind pubg settings as his gaming skills have been renowned. He is also a part of the cloud9. What is twitch kaymind? What are the Kaymind pubg settings everyone is talking about? 

Twitch Kaymind Channel and Career Growth:

Kaymind has a channel on Twitch on which he used to stream H1Z1 before turning towards PUBG.  Twitch Kaymnind has been a successful channel however he later becomes one of the highest-paid gamers of PUBG.  Kaymind joined cloud9 zoom mousepad and won a couple of trophies for the team. However, he leaves cloud9 zoom mousepad within a year. He later joined Liquid. Kaymind has shown great gameplay by being the reason for Canda’s success in tournaments.

What is the reason behind Kaymind’s success? Is it Kaymind pubg settings? Nope. It is his hard work and consistently strives to grow and learn. Kaymind pubg settings merely add to his performance which comes from hard work. However, Kaymind pubg settings will help you get that one percent where you must be lacking in your gameplay.

Kaymind Pubg Settings:

Do you want to become a pro player? What are the best Kaymind pubg settings that can help you become one? What can you learn from the best? Everything of it is answered through these Kaymind pubg settings:

Kaymind PUBG Settings

Kaymind Cloud9 zoom Mousepad Settings:

For the sensitivity of perfection, that can elevate your game from level 1 to 5, Kaymind cloud9 zoom mousepad settings can be the one. What are the figures that you need? Here they are:

  • DPI sensitivity should be around 400.
  • General sensitivity stands at 40.
  • Targeting sensitivity at 40.
  • Vehicle sensitivity at 40 again.
  • Iron sensitivity to be at 35.
  • 2x Scope 35
  • 3x Scope 35
  • 4x Scope 35
  • 6x Scope 35
  • 8x Scope 35
  • 15x Scope 35.

These were Kaymind cloud9 zoom mousepad settings that will work fine for anyone who wishes to inculcate them.

Kaymind Keybinds:

Keybindings again play a crucial role in your gameplay. A keybind suitable for you will make your game and an incompetent keybind will break it. So what do we learn from Kaymind pubg settings when it comes to keybinds?

  • Hold breath in Pubg: Hold breath in pubg is very important. You can increase the scope of your gun while you are holding it if you hold breath in pubg. So what is the correct key for hold breath in pubg: Shift.
  • Forward movement: W
  • Backward movement: S.
  • Walking: C.
  • Crouch: B.
  • Prone: Z.
  • Interact: F.
  • Zoom in for scope: Mouse up.
  • Zoom out: Down.
  • Aim Down: Right-click.
  • Zeroing: Mouse mid button.
  • Take weapon up: 1.
  • Reloading: R.

Kaymind Video Settings:

To win in pubg you need to stand out. You have to find something that is unique and will give you an edge over others. Kaymind’s pubg settings showcase uniqueness when it comes to video settings:

Shadow Very low
Screen Display Full
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Rate of Refresh 144Hz
Texture Medium
V-sync Turn Off
Sharp Turn on
Blur Turn On
Effect Low
Brightness 50
View Filed 90
Foliage Very Low
Distance of view Low
Scale Of Screen 100


Given above are the Kaymind pubg settings keeping the pubg launch options 2021 updated. The given settings have been optimized to pubg launch options 2021. You do not need to worry about updating the settings to pubg launch options 2021. To be the best you should always try to learn from everyone you can and whatever you can. Kaymind pubg settings are something that you need to inculcate and learn. This great player hailing from Canada has a lot to teach us. We hope this article will help you make your game better.