Mr Grimmmz PUBG Settings, Keybinds and Gears [Latest 2021]

Mr Grimmmz PUBG Settings

Mr. Grimmmz is a professional player hailing from the USA. Mr. Grimmmz is very popular amongst the youth for his Gameplay. With the rise of Pubg and the esports era, gaming professionals have been the new stars of the town. Mr Grimmmz is one of the top pubg players known to the world. Let us find out the grimmmz settings for pubg and learn something from this pro.

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Who is Mr. Grimmmz?

Mr.Grimmmz is a professional gamer from the USA. His real name is Brian Rincon. He started his career way back in 2010 and has tried his hands on a lot of games before coming to pubg. However, once he started pubg, Grimmmz never left it since then. He streams his game on Twitch and youtube as well. Hence, he has a large fan following and a lot of these fans want to know grimmmz settings for pubg. Walkthrough this article with us to know the pubg grimmmz settings.

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Grimmmz Settings For Pubg:

Given below are all the settings that the player sets his game to before entering the arena. Though settings may suit different people differently, these Grimmmz settings might give you some idea of what needs to be done. Have a look:

Graphic Settings:

Resolution 1920 X 1080
FPS 85
Distance Of View low
Shadows Very Low
Foliage Very Low
Brightness 55
Texture Low

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Mouse Settings:

Targetting 50
Vehicle Driver 60
Scoping 50
Invert No
General 60
2 X 55
4 X 45
8 X 45


DPI 600
Polling Rate 550

MrGrimmmz Keybinds:

Forward W
Backward S
Crouch C
Walk Crtl (Left)
Jump Space Bar
Right D
Left A
Autorun  =
Unarm X
Medkit 6
First aid 7
Reload R
Change Weapon Wheel up of mouse
Map M


Quality High
Weapon on
Special Effect on
Illumination quality Default

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Mr Grimmmz Game Settings are the ones that can take your performance level to that top-notch mark that you were missing. They are from the list of the best players in the world and you can learn from their pubg settings to become the best one day.