How to use Nvidia Control Panel Digital Vibrance in PUBG?

Nvidia Control Panel Digital Vibrance in PUBG

PUBG is gettings unpredictable with each day. One day something gets you higher frame rates and the next day it will be the issue. The recent announcement by PUBG officials regarding reshade is just one example of it. Players saw a dip in their performance using reshade which earlier only helped them get better graphics. With many people uninstalling reshade, Nvidia control panel digital vibrance came up as the new trend.

Having said that, we also were amazed to know that people are facing problems on how to get digital vibrance pubg. We decided to help you with questions like what is digital vibrance? How to turn on digital vibrance, etc. We brainstormed and found the easiest answer to how to turn on digital vibrance. We happily are here to share it with you. We hope it helps you too.

What Is Digital Vibrance?

If you know what reshade is understanding what is digital vibrance will be peanuts for you. For those who have no idea, digital vibrance pubg is a tool that will make the appearance of your game next level. It will give you that pop of color that was needed to take the looks of your game a level up. But how is this useful in the game? The answer is simple, with better visuals it will be easier for you to spot your enemies and gun them down. Players hiding in grasses, etc will no longer have the advantage of camouflage. Nvidia digital vibrance pubg will take the advantage away. 

What Is Digital Vibrance

A little point you should note down before adding Nvidia digital vibrance pubg is that it will give a color pop to everything that appears on the screen and not just the game. Hence give it a thought before adding Nvidia digital vibrance pubg.

How To Turn On Digital Vibrance?

How to turn up digital vibrance is a widely searched question. Nividia digital vibrance pubg is very easy to turn on the Nvidia digital vibrance setting. Just follow the steps given below to find the answer to how to turn up digital vibrance:

  • The first step would be to open the Nvidia control panel digital vibrance. How to find the Nvidia digital vibrance setting? It is very simple, right-click on your desktop. You will find an option Nvidia digital vibrance pubg. Click open the option.
  • While in the Nvidia Control Panel Digital Vibrance, you will find the option of Nvidia digital vibrance setting. After doing so, you will see a plus sign on the screen, you will find various sub-options to chose and select from. Look for the adjust desktop color settings option. Going further you will no more ask on how to change digital vibrance. Here in this section, you will come across the option for digital vibrance.In our opinion set the digital vibrance pubg to be around 74. Following the same, you are done! You have Nvidia digital vibrance pubg working for you.

How To Change Digital Vibrance?

The best Nvidia color setting is the one that we have stated before. However, if you feel the need to adjust desktop color settings to Nvidia, we have the solution for it as well. To adjust desktop color settings, first, you need to open the Nvidia control panel digital vibrance. Once opened, you will find the option of Nvidia adjust desktop color settings. Select the option and you can easily adjust desktop color settings Nvidia. This answers how to change digital Vibrance. If in the future you need to Nvidia adjust desktop color settings again, follow the steps again and you will be fine.

Advance Best Nvidia Color Settings:

For advance best Nvidia color settings to work, you need to have all your drivers updated. Only well updated and recently optimized pubg will be able to adapt best Nvidia color settings that are advance and not many would have got them done. This gives you an upper hand over other players. So what do you need to do? 

Open the Nvidia control panel digital vibrance. Once the Nvidia control panel digital vibrance is opened. Now you need to need to click open the option of Manage 3D settings. Now you need to set the 3D settings of your digital vibrance pubg.

We recommend the following settings:

Nvidia Adjust Desktop Color Settings

Antialiasing Filtering Controlled
Smoothness Off
Factors off
Power Max
Refresh Rate Controlled
Texture quality High
Triple Buffering off
Sync off
Frames 1
occlusion off
DSR Factors off
Cache on
Trilinear option on
Threads on
LCD bias allow
Anisotropic on

These were the best Nvidia color settings that we could get for you. We have carefully selected the above-advanced settings for the Nvidia control panel digital vibrance for you. We have given this a lot of research and consulted a lot of pro players before putting the information in front of you.


Digital vibrance pubg can be of great help to you. The color-pops will help your visuals to get positive results for you. Nvidia control panel digital vibrance is a flexible place to visit as it allows you to change the Nvidia digital vibrance settings whenever you wish to. This article was our hard work to get the answers to all your questions like how to turn on digital vibrance or how to change digital vibrance. If you find the article useful to give us your feedback and share the same with whosoever you think might need it. If you have more queries like digital vibrance pubg, let us know we will be more than happy to find answers for you.