Pubg Bunkers: Pubg Bunkers Karakin Locations, Underground Locations

Pubg Bunkers

Pubg bunkers are safe heavens of loot. These are not only hiding places but can be of great use if you know the on-point location of these maps. Be it Miramar, Erangle, or Karakin pubg bunkers, you need to find the exact locations to reach these bunkers. What all do these bunkers offer? How can these be of use for you? Walkthrough the article to know the answers.

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What do PUBG Bunkers Offer?

A pubg bunker as the name suggests is a safe place to hide. Tough to find these pubg bunkers that are not easily visible to the naked eye. Only those who know the map and the locations can reach out to them. If you can make out the entrance of the pubg bunkers then voila! You can enter. Finding the entrance is the toughest part of finding a bunker. In maps like Karakin and Miramar, it is a bit easier to find the entrance than in Erangle. As it is not easy to find them, if you need to, you can hide in these secret pubg bunkers to hide and rest. Your enemy might never be able to find you there.

At times you may find heaps of weapons and other necessities for loot. In pubg bunkers Erangle map, the amount of loot that can be performed is mind bobbling. However, they do not always offer loot. Often they are just empty spaces. If you enter a pubg bunker, you should be cautious of any enemy hiding there for you too. 

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Pubg Bunkers Karakin Locations:

Pubg Bunkers Karakin Locations

Pubg bunkers Karakin are generally dome-shaped and with a flag at the top of them. Making it a lot easier to find the bunker. The Karakin pubg bunkers come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them might be of one story while some can be of three too. While some will be full of supplies and others will contain little or no supplies. Pubg bunkers Karakin have 13 bunkers and major ones have their locations as the following:

Al Hayik:

You will find the pubg bunker from the western part of the Al Hayik. This is a dome-shaped bunker is a perfect hiding place whenever you need it. Since it is a small one-story bunker you will not find anything but can only use it for hiding.

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Right in the center of the Karakin map, you will find two pubg bunkers. These are large, multiple story bunkers with a lot of things and surprises for you. If you find this one, you are assured of loots that will fill your supplies up.

Hadiqua Nemo:

In the southern part of Hadiqua Nemo, you will find a hill. This hill has a wall on its foot. This wall is breakable and inside the wall, you will find a bunker. It is loaded with supplies of up to level 3. Though the bunker is a single floored one, it can give you a lot of supplies.

Hadiqua Nemo Mountain End:

At the end of this mountain, you will find a three-entry bunker. Loaded with breakable walls and loots including exclusive items, these pubg bunkers have a lot to offer. The tunnels in the bunker are of great use as they lead you to various places. Without catching the eye of the enemy, you can safely reach out with the help of this bunker.

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This part of the map does not offer you large bunkers. It can only fetch you small ones. Though small, some of them offer a lot of loot. Hence if you explore the area, do not forget to reach out to these pubg bunkers.

Hence Pubg Bunkers Karakin are a little different. Easy to recognize and safe heavens of loot and supplies it becomes an important part of pubg gaming tactics to know the locations of these pubg bunkers. Note that you should carry some rockets or bombs in order to enter these pubg bunkers. You never know what you may find in them. Keep these Pubg bunkers Karakin locations in mind the next time you enter the game.