PUBG Desert Map Coming: Pubg Sand Map Name, Size, Test Server

PUBG Desert Map

Pubg always tends to update to get new features, maps, etc, for its users. Pubg desert map is just an example of it. The pubg next map is the pubg desert map. The desert map name is Miramar. Ever since the news of this new map has come up gamers have the question- When is the desert map coming in pubg? If you are wondering what all comes with the pubg next map let us help you with it.

The pubg next map is the Pubg Miramar map. This pubg sand map will be released on the 17th of December in 2017. What is in store with this pubg desert map? What all-new features do you get and what all new assets do you get with this pubg map desert.


This pubg Miramar map is set in the harsh lands of the desert but will have the tint of urbane in it. Hence, you get both nature and the city in this Pubg map desert. If you have been to Mexico or have seen the place in pictures you can imagine Pubg map desert to be a feel of it.

PUBG Desert Map Size:

PUBG Desert Map Size

This pubg map desert coincides with the size of the Erangle map. The pubg desert map size is 8km X 8Km. The pubg desert map size makes it adequate enough to hide or track down the enemy.

Pubg Mobile Desert Map Features:

Now that we have answered your Question that when is the desert map coming to the Pubg and the size of it, you must be curious about its features. The pubg datamine informs us of them. Here they are:

  • The pubg mobile desert map sets Los Leones as its center city. This city will be a beauty to look at. With all its tall buildings and the feel of it is just dope. You will enjoy the main city pretty much in this pubg mobile desert map.
  • Canyon:  The pubg datamine tells us of this location is set on the west side of the map. The look and feel of the map is making it to be the final showdown kinda location.
  • If you have loved the bunkers in the Erangle map, you can get the feature here too. The pubg desert map server has silver mines on the western half of the map. These mines can work as bunkers.
  • This is a pubg island map too. The pubg island map has an island in the south. This pubg island map will be a prison. You will find bridges to get there.
  • This pubg desert map test server is located in the scenic beauty of the mountains. The irony of this pubg desert map test server is that though it is a pubg desert map it is surrounded by mountains.
  • We should also update you that this pubg desert map is all set to gift you new vehicles as well. You cannot think that pubg will come with a new map and not bring new vehicles, will you?  We have been informed by the pubg datamine of the new vehicles. Don’ be surprised if you find jet skies or trucks in this one! 

This is it about this pubg desert map. This pubg next map will be worth the wait for. You can be all excited about all the new features and assets that you will be able to explore after the launch of the map. Let us wait for the best!