Pubg Drop Items – How to Drop Items in PUBG Mobile & Xbox One?

Pubg Drop Items

Player Unknown Battlegrounds works on loot to gather items and resources. You need to carry these items along with you. But there are situations enabling pubg drop items. What are these situations and how to drop items in pubg are all dealt with in the article?

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Now consider a situation where you are in a squad game. You have to plan many things out and one of them is pubg drop items. There are times when you have to analyze the strengths and needs of your friends. If found, you can carry an item that your friend may need. Once you encounter that teammate, you have to pubg supply drop. 

The items that can be dropped do not have any eligibility. From outfit to Ammo anything can be dropped. If you are someone who does not have any idea about how to drop in pubg, read the following information in the article.

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How To Drop items In Pubg? 

Pubg drop items is an unknown term for many. You are not alone if you are unaware of the steps involved in the process of pubg drop items. Pubg supply drop is an easy function. All you need to do is to :

PUBG Drop Items PC:

To drop items in PC, follow the steps below:

  • Press TAB to enter your inventory.
  • You will see a slot named ‘Ground’ on the screen. Click the item you wish to drop. Drag it across the screen to the slot.
  • Once you reach the slot, release the item.
  • When there is a need to drop items that are in a stack, make sure you keep the ones you wish to. If you want to drop the whole stack, there is no issue. However, if you want to keep some of the items, there is a way – while dragging the stack, press and hold CTRL. When you reach the dropping slot, a pop-up automatically appears asking you which items you wish to keep.
  • Weapon attachments will be dropped with the weapon. Remove the weapon attachments if you wish to keep them.

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How to PUBG Drop Items in Xbox One:

To drop items in Xbox one:

  • Go to the pubg inventory.
  • Press the Y key to drop an item.
  • To drop all the items, press and hold Y for a few seconds.
  • To drop the attachments with the weapons, press and hold X.

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It is impossible to focus on productivity if you hover the items in pubg and carry them forward. There is no point in it. You have to decide at times which items to keep and which ones to drop. In the end, productivity and planning are what works. The guide above is a detailed step-by-step way to drop items in pubg.  We tried to answer all your questions like pubg where to drop, how to drop Ammo in pubg, how to drop items in pubg, etc. Write to us for any queries or confusion. Happy gaming!

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