Top 6 Hidden Pubg Easter Eggs: Secret Locations and Tricks

Pubg Easter Eggs

Easter is around the corner and this brings the focus on Pubg Easter Eggs again. What are Pubg Easter eggs? These are nothing but funny messages hidden in the form of posters and banners. In the seriousness of the game, you might not pay attention to them. However, with the launch of the Miramar Map, they have been in focus.

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These aren’t just messages but also clues to secrets within. If you get to find Pubg Easter eggs there are some secrets to spill out. What all Pubg Easter Eggs you may find at best? Read the bests below:

I Hate School

Found in Miramar map, this Pubg Easter egg is in reference to “Hey teacher! Leave us, kids, alone.” What is this indicating too? It’s the school. Which is a location in the map itself and that is Erangle. This Pubg Easter egg is found in the mountain peak of Minas Del Sur. The spill of this message is indicated to the school in Erangle which is a high-risk battle zone. 

Honk If You Are Having Fun

This one has too much humor involved. You will find it on trucks. This is a simple code on their number plate that says F2HNK. The spill is simple. Just break it down. F+2+HNK. This means you need to press F if you want to Honk. Do not fall into the trap though. Pubg isn’t kind enough to tell you to honk. What this will do is eject you out of your vehicle. Beware and enjoy the humor.

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Plato O Plomo

Found in Erangle map, this Pubg Easter egg is a warning for you to beware. You will find the message on hoardings somewhere on the map. It refers to the violent group in LA that people were warned of. This Easter egg is to warn you about any vigilance group that may try to harm you. 

Respect The Original 

This is a tribute to the original piece of art from which the Pubg was inspired. A Japanese movie was the inspiration behind Pubg. Haven’t been for that movie, the idea of Pubg would never have struck and the world would never have been called the Pubg era. The movie revolves around a group of teenagers who were made to survive on an island and the last man standing wins. Hence the pubg Easter eggs have one that pays tribute to the original movie.

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Come Fly With Me, Let’s Fly Away 

It is a unification of two maps of Pubg. Miramar and Erangle. This is because this Pubg Easter egg occurs while you are playing in Miramar but it urges you to travel to Erangle. It will be shown in the form of an advertisement by a travel agency. Hence it is just urging you to play Erangle while you are in Miramar. You will find it in the urban areas on buildings or hoardings. 

El Pollo Es Mio

Ever seen victory? These words will make you see victory. What does this mean? The phrase simply reads that the chicken dinner is yours. Anyone can make out that this means that you have won the chicken dinner and hence the game! It’s a Spanish saying but you need to learn it because it is what victory sounds like.

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These were the topmost Pubg Easter eggs according to us. These are our picks and you can write to us if you want to learn more. Follow us for more content on our favorite game, Pubg.