PUBG First Person Servers Mode: How to Play this Mode?

PUBG First Person Servers Mode

Introduced in 2017, pubg first person servers have taken pro players into a new feature to dig their hands in. How to improve your pubg first person servers perspectives and what exactly is a perspective, we will dig our teeth in all of these questions.

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What is a Pubg First Person Server?

Pubg first person server is the view of the field from the perspective of the first person, i.e., the player himself/herself. When the FOV came into the market of gaming, it wasn’t easy. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to knack this perspective. It requires a lot of practice and skill. When gamers have been used to third person perspective, where they are able to keep eyes on the whole field, pubg first person servers have some pros too. It is best in close combats, where you need to spot on killing the enemy. How can you improve your pubg first person servers? Walk through the article to the very end to master this perspective of pubg that is a crucial part of it.

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How to Master PUBG First Person Servers?

There are a few tips and tricks that can be noted for using pubg first person servers. Since the perspective is not easy to play and can get you into a little sickness. What are the things that can help you win over the feature?  We have tried to give you some pointers below that have been tried and tested. Read the following carefully:

Maximum Field Of View 

 For a person to get the most of pubg first person servers, you are advised to maximize your field of view. This will get you a wider area to cover. When you have more area in front of your eyes, you can spot your enemy before they could. It will give you an edge over your opponent. You will also be able to have escape routes and more assisting entities within your eyesight. You know how these things can improve your gameplay.

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Know Your Corners

When you are playing with pubg first person servers you cannot expect to have a not of all the corners under your vision as you enter a closed space. How to deal with the situation? Pretty simple. You need to check every corner one by one as you enter the space instead of directly entering the room. The action should be a reflex. One mistake can take you down. Practise is the only way that can help you.

Looking Around

Now with pubg first person servers, you cannot be looking at all the directions with just a simple Alt key. You need to get into the habit of using the Alt key often. The reason is that you can look in a direction at a time with pubg first person servers. The head of the player would be moving with each Alt-click. Hence a simple tip would be to get in the habit of using the Alt key.

What Are The Pros Of Using the PUBG First Person?

Pubg first person servers bring a bucket full of pros with themselves.

  •  Third-person servers can be a little unfair at times. You can be seen downstairs or upwards in a building or at hiding places. Hence, first person servers not only make it a little but also war ethics friendly. 
  • Every little detail and clue becomes of value as you cannot have everything under your vision. You need to turn your head each time to look east or west. In third-person servers, you can long-press Alt to look in any direction. Hence it improves competition within the game.
  • Close combats become more reasonable. Your opponent will never get the idea in which corner, bush, etc are you hiding in. This makes the game overall more exciting and spontaneous.

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PUBG first person servers are one of the more fair and ethical features being brought up by pubg. The feature not only improves the credibility of the players but also the game. PUBG first person servers can be mastered if you follow the tips given above. Subscribe to us for more tips and tricks.