What Is TPP And FPP In Pubg? Pubg TPP Vs FPP Games

What Is Tpp And Fpp In Pubg

PUBG FPP has been the hottest topic since its addition. When the players when used to the PUBG TPP, pubg came up with a bang of PUBG FPP. It is still tough to choose from pubg TPP vs FPP. 

This article intends to get the best between Pubg TPP vs FPP. We will present before you a rationale comparison between the two. By the end of the article, you will be crystal clear about what does FPP means in pubg and what to chose between the two.

What Is TPP and FPP In Pubg?

Pubg Fpp Or Tpp

Perspective in pubg is the way you will be viewing yourself or your surrounding while in-game. To understand this, you are reading this article from the first-person perspective. That is how you are looking at it. While someone else looking at you and you are reading will be a third-person perspective.

What does FPP mean in Pubg? PUBG FPP stands for First Person Perspective. It is simply how your character in the game will be looking at the surrounding. The game will appear as he sees the visuals. It is a newer addition to the game.

Pubg TPP stands for Third Person Perspective. You will see everything as if you are behind the character in the game. It is the classic perspective in Pubg.

Players using PUBG TPP are still on the higher end. This is because the scope of visibility in TPP is greater than what FPP offers. However, a lot of players are still ignorant of the benefits that FPP has to offer. Hence do not run to conclusions. Walk through the article to know whats the most rationale pick between pubg TPP vs FPP and in which circumstances.

PUBG TPP Vs FPP: Which one is better?

Pubg Tpp Vs Fpp

On The Basis Of The View:

While pubg third-person perspective gives you a wider range where you can see a lot of things all together it is not the same in Pubg FPP. Though it will look like TPP is better since it gives you a wide-angle, it may not be the case at times. In close combats or areas like a building where you need to focus on just one point, PUBG FPP will be a better choice. Pubg mobile first-person helps you in close combats where you just need to center your focus on one person.

On The Basis Of Difficulty:

Imagine being in the PUBG mobile first-person view and standing at a corner. Now you need to peak in order to find out if the enemy is present or not. Had you been in the third person perspective you only have to tilt the angle. Here in pubg FPP, you need to put your head out to know the fact. This puts you more at risk than the TPP. In pubg FPP it will become more dangerous and difficult to look out for the enemy. To add to the difficulty it will also consume a lot of your time. You have to be a lot quicker to take action in FPP than in TPP. Hence in this area, between PUBG TPP vs FPP, TPP wins.

Fair Play:

In the case of TPP Games, you can see the enemy from anywhere. In case he’s on the lower floor, you can identify him and shoot him from above the staircase. This can be unfair at times for the other player. This has been taken care of in pubg FFP. You cannot have a three-D view while using pubg FPP. Hence pubg mobile first-person view gives you a more fair play and increases competitiveness at the same time. You have to be more cautious in pubg FFP than in pubg TPP. Hence when it comes to Fairplay, it is FPP in pubg FPP or TPP.

Matching Lobby:

While going for solo or pubg squad FPP, get ready for time to take while in matching lobby. It is easier to find matches in TPP games. It is not the same in Pubg FPP. You will not find people to play the game with easily be it, pubg squad, FPP, or solo. The waiting period in the matching lobby can be as maximum as 5 minutes. If you really want to get into the waiting period then sure go ahead.

This was a basic comparison between pubg FPP or TPP. The above points are general differences between the two. Now that we know pubg FPP meaning and the difference in pubg FPP or TPP, let us have a look at individual pros and cons of TPP games and pubg FPP.

PUBG FPP: Pros and Cons

What does FPP mean in pubg is clear? You can guess the advantages and disadvantages that it offers. If you can’t let us help you.


  • The game is more competitive and challenging in this mode of gameplay.
  • In this mode, you can actually see what the skins and weapons look like. It gives you the experience of what you would feel if you were actually in the game.
  • This mode works the best if you want to target specifically. It helps you focus on a point or person.
  • The player is now more aware of what the situation is and how realistic things are.


  • The players have been habitual of playing TPP games. Hence even today the majority of the players prefer TPP when it comes to pubg FPP or TPP.
  • The lobby time is much larger than TPP games.
  • Often people are not patient enough to wait for the match to be found. They often skip to TPP when they cannot wait for more.

PUBG TPP: Pros and Cons

TPP games have been on the upper hand when it comes to pubg TPP vs FPP. There are still a majority of players who prefer TPP. There is a reason for it. Read the points below to get in-depth information on the feature.


  • This view gives you a wider scope when it comes to having eyes on things. When you have more area under your eye, you can be ready for anything, anytime. This is not visible in pubg FPP.
  • You don’t have to wait for the player to be very near to you for him to be visible to you. A player far away can be easily spotted.
  • You are well aware of your surrounding in the TPP games. You can find anything from vehicles to escape routes whenever you need them.
  • If you are a player who uses defensive tactics, this mode is perfect for you.


  • It is sometimes not fair for the players in this mode. You cannot always wish for skills to win in this game.
  • Gunfights are not very efficient in this game. This is because you cannot specifically target well in TPP.
  • If you want to showcase your skills and stand out in both groups and individually, the FPP mode is suitable.

In Which Circumstances, Which Mode Will Be Suitable?

Pubg Ffp

  • When you are out of time and have to perform activities like crossing the river or climbing, FPP mode is more suitable.
  • You do not need a closer vision while throwing grenades. It would be perfect to have TPP mode in this scenario.
  • FPP rewards skills while TPP rewards survival.
  • If you wish to play defensive, then do go for TPP games. It will be better to have more area under your vision while playing defensive.
  • If you love to jump then FPP is the best for you. You can always have a look around your surroundings in FPP mode while you jump.

How To Conquer PUBG FPP Mode?

If you have made your mind up that pubg FPP is the mode that you will be using quite a lot, there is no harm in getting some tips and tricks. These will help you get the mode better and in turn, will improve your skills and gameplay. Given below are some well-researched tips:

  • Reflection sharpening: To be active and alert are the keys to success in PUBG FPP mode. For this speed, reflection should be high. This will help you a lot in the game. Do not forget to sharpen the reflection to get the best of the game.
  • Aiming to be improved: Targeting an enemy should be easy for you in this mode if you improve your aiming skills. Practice aiming and attack playing if you wish to master this mode of the game.
  • Ears are your best friend: You cannot have everything under your eyes in this mode. Hence the actions of others are mostly sensed by hearing. You need to be in alert mode and focus on your hearing.
  • Practice Crouching and firing: You have to tilt your neck at the corners to find the enemy out. Therefore, practice crouching and then firing. This will save you from the eye of the enemy and you can attack him at the same time. For you to win the FPP gameplay it is important to practice the couch and fire techniques.


There are certain doubts that often intrigue our audience. We decided to attach them to this article on PUBG FPP. What are some common doubts? Here they are:

Q. Do you have to expose yourself to fire from behind? 

This is not the case. To save you from this, we have emphasized covering yourself and then fire a lot of times in the article. Learn to hide and fire or crouch and fire. 

Q. ALT has no use?

Incorrect. ALT is still used to look around. Only a little differently. You cannot have a 360-degree look at the same time. You need to turn the head of the character with each ALT. 

Q. You cannot find out what is going on in a building?

This is partially correct. This is because you need to enter the building to get acquainted with the fact of what is happening in it. This puts you in danger of death.

Note: it is important to note that you can’t go from pubg FPP mode to TPP. You can only go from TPP to FPP mode. 

This is about the pubg TPP vs FPP mode. We hope you found all your answers including how to master pubg FPP mode. Stay tuned for more content like this.