PUBG FPS LAG: How to Boost FPS to Increase Performance in PUBG?


PUBG has been one of the largest contributors to the gaming industry. Gathering love from across the world, the game has made its place in the golden book of gaming. While gamers love to play the game, there are many errors that may come up. PUBG FPS lag is one of them.

The causes and solutions of the PUBG FPS lag have been discussed and focused on in-depth in the article. Walk through the article to know how to fix pubg lag.

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PUBG FPS Lag Causes:

There can be a lot of reasons for the pubg fps drop.  Out of all the reasons out there we present the most common ones below:

Settings Of The Game:

Default game settings are often unsuitable to you. These come to be adjusted by default. They may be the reason behind players’ unknown battlegrounds lag. You need to fix them to get the battlegrounds lag fix.


Sometimes lag is because of the slow internet. The blame comes on pubg FPS lag and people often ask why is pubg so laggy. However, slow internet is the reason behind it.

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The difference in the speed of FPS is affected by the speed of the CPU. to fix pubg latency issues make sure that the windows perform well.

How To Fix PUBG Lag?

From the pool of solutions to the answer of pubg running slow, we have filtered the best ones out. The solutions given below are effective, tried, and tested. To fix the player unknown battlegrounds server lag look at the solutions given below:

Method 1: Adjust In-Game Settings:

Changing in-game settings is one of the most effective solutions for pubg fps lag. To control pubg lag spikes, perform the following steps:

  • Navigate to the steam on your device. Locate library and click on launch pubg.
  • In the pubg, find settings. Once found click on the settings.
  • In the settings, you will find the graphics option. Select it.
  • Go to the display mode and change it to fullscreen.
  • Set the resolution the same as the device.
  • The FPP is to be set between 70-90.
  • Disable the replay and death cam in the Gameplay option.

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Method 2: Adjust Windows Configuration:

Hoe to reduce lag in pubg has windows configuration as one of its answers. Pubg lag spikes can be out of windows performance lag as well.  To fix pubg fps lag, perform the following settings:

Control Panel Settings:

  • Press Windows+ R. A menu appears. Type ‘powercfg.cpl’ and search.
  • A pop-up appears. Select the plan which says ‘High Performance’.

Launch Settings:

  • Go to the steam on your device. Navigate to the library after logging in to your account.
  • Find PUBG and locate Properties.
  • Click on ‘Launch Options and copy-paste the following:

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Method 3: Frame Cap Rate:

This file can solve the pubg fps drop. To use known how to reduce lag in pubg, perform the following steps:

  • Go to the executive file of TslGame on your device.
  • Locate the file called ‘engine.ini.’
  • When you reach the end of this file, copy-paste the following code- FrameRateCap=0.
  • Apply and save.


Pubg FPS lag is a common problem and people often ask us how to fix pubg lag. The methods above are tried and tested. We have well researched the needs of the individual reasons for pubg lag spikes. After clearing up we have provided you with the solutions above. We hope we have answers to why is pubg so laggy and how to reduce lag in pubg. If you still have issues do write to us.

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