How to Cook Grenade in PUBG PC And Xbox?

Pubg Grenade Cook Time

Grenade, What do you think instantly when you read the word? A lethal weapon right? Imagine how a grenade can look like as a weapon in a game? A lot of disaster and fun is the thing that crosses the mind and you are right. Grenades in games are always fun. Pubg prime grenade is no exception. But how to cook grenade pubg? And How to cook a grenade in pubg Xbox? And what is pubg grenade cook time? Let us understand Pubg Prime Grenade.

What is the Pubg Grenade Cook Time?

  • For pubg frag grenade, it is 5 seconds.
  • For smoke grenade, pubg grenade fuse time is 5 seconds.
  • For Molotov, there is no pubg grenade fuse time. It depends on the impact.

How To Cook Grenade Pubg?

Ever since pubg has updated itself you must see that pubg underhand throw and explosion have been more realistic. This has made a lot of players more curious about pubg prime grenade, how to cook grenade pubg? What is the pubg grenade cook time? Follow the steps below to cook grenade pubg:

  1. Press 5 to select your grenade.
  2. The next step is to unpin the grenade. For that to happen you have to press the left mouse button and hold it. 
  3. Select the trajectory for which you want to pubg underhand throw.
  4. A note to be written down is that during the process pointed above, the pubg grenade cook time has not yet started. In this time you can even pin it again and keep it back.
  5. To cook grenade pubg next you need to press R. This will start the pubg grenade timer. The pubg grenade timer is of 5 seconds.
  6. To make the pubg underhand throw, press the left button of the mouse. 
  7. There are some people who ask how long does grenade takes to explode? The pubg grenade fuse time is set by you. You have to set the pubg grenade fuse time in a way that it reaches the enemy. This answers how long does grenade takes to explode.

How To Cook A Grenade In Pubg Xbox?

It is different to cook grenade pubg in Xbox. Pubg cooking grenade in Xbox is a completely different process than your PC. Pubg cooking grenades in Xbox can be successfully done through the following steps:

  1. It’s pubg grenade cook time! Let’s start with selecting the grenade. On your D-pad press and hold the right.
  2. To unpin the pubg frag grenade, press the right trigger. You will have to next display the trajectory.
  3. To start pubg grenade cook time, the left button is to be pressed. The pubg grenade timer has now started. The pubg grenade timer is of 5 seconds.
  4. To throw the pubg frag grenade, you need to let go of the right trigger. This answers you how to cook a grenade in pubg Xbox.

How To make A Pubg Underhand Throw?

For pubg grenade underhand throw, you need to press the right mouse button before rolling it. This will enable you to make a pubg underhand grenade throw. A pubg grenade underhand is really effective when the opponent is present in close proximity.

This is it about the pubg grenade cook time and how to do it. We provided you with a step-by-step guide to cook grenade pubg. We hope we were of any help and write us for more of your queries.