Pubg Pick Map: How To Play or Choose a New Map in Pubg?

Pubg How To Play New Map

Each of the pubg maps is unique in itself. They have different landscapes, different buildings, surroundings, vehicles, etc. Every map rewards you with different stuff as well. Hence, pubg how to play new map is a genuine question. Pubg choose map is a whole different process. Many newbie gamers out there are often confused about the process of pubg how to play new map. We are here to help you out in the area!

Pubg map selection is out of two maps, the Erangle which is the pub original map of map selection, and the Miramar which is the Miramar. Pubg map selection is to be made between these two maps. Pubg how to play new map process is given below:

How To Play The New Pubg Map?

Pubg Choose Map

There are two ways that can help you with how to play the new pubg map. Both of the pubg select map methods are listed below:


Code five informed everyone of a utility that he has created for pubg select map. What this app does is skips all the processes and takes you directly to the part where you need to select the map. You can either select the pubg original map or the how to play desert map pubg. All you need to do is to select your desired map and you are done! Start the ga and enjoy your game. This is the way pubg how to play new map process can be completed with the help of this function.

Pubg Xbox Map Selection:

Bluehole is another way for pubg pick map. This is the official pubg pick map method. The guide for pubg how to play new map is given below:

  • With this pubg pick map method, you can pubg choose map one or more than one at the same time.
  • If you wish to select only one map, click on the map and start the game. You now know how to play the new pubg map.
  • If at any point you wish to unselect a map and change it, simply click it again and it will be unselected. You can now choose another map of your choice. Thus you have both, the option to select or unselect. This is the pubg Xbox map selection process.
  • It also gives you an option of Pubg randomizer. What pubg randomizer does is, it randomly chooses a map in case you have selected more than one map. While pubg pick map, you can select more than one map. If that is the case, the pubg randomizer randomly chooses a map for you when you start the game. Pubg map selection process is made easy with a pubg randomizer.

Pubg Map Selection Removed:

It is estimated that pubg map selection will be removed. From pubg ps4 maps or pubg Xbox one map, everything will be removed. Tencent has decided to announce pubg map selection removed. The reason that the company gave for the abrupt decision is that there are not many users of the pubg map selection process. They also informed that the pubg how to play new map was creating lags. The whole process was creating too much load on the Pubg processor. This was creating issues for players.

With the pubg map selection removed, fans have been left disappointed. Pubg how to play the new map process gave them the choice of playing what was convenient for them. However, today they are left with no option.