Pubg Replay Controls: How to Record, Download, Fast Forward

Pubg Replay Controls

PUBG always tries to bring the best out of their players. Be it features or new map updates, everything aims at the betterment of the player. One such feature introduced was Pubg replay controls. This article intends to cover everything about them from meaning to set them.

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What Are Pubg Replay Controls?

Replay controls pubg is a feature that allows a player to record and replay the matches that he has played.  The player is eligible to watch all the games he had played. What does it do? It gives the player a scope of improvement.

Let me explain how. If you are able to replay your previous game videos, you can review how much have you improved. You can also get a hold of where you went wrong and where can you improve. You can easily look out for your mistakes and try to rectify them.

Another dope pro of pubg replay controls is that you can also enjoy previous game moments with your friends. Hence, PUBG replay controls are a great tool. Now let us come to how to use them. After reaching the end of the article you will know the answers to questions like how to save pubg replay? How to fast forward pubg replay? Where does pubg save replays Etc?

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PUBG Replay Commands:

The pubg replay controls are given below. We will explain what key is used for what. To get to know which key to use to speed up or slow down or change angels have a look at the details below:

  • P: This is used to Pause the video playback. Once you press the P key, the video will be paused.
  • J: This will stop the time. The player has the option of starting or pausing the time according to convenience.
  • B: This will get you back to your character. 
  • W, S, A, D: These pubg hotkeys will make the camera move. These are pubg camera controls.
  • SHIFT + CONTROL:  Apart from the pubg camera controls given above these keys will change the speed of the camera.
  • TAB: These pubg hotkeys will get you the view of the player list. You can go to the ID of the player and click on it to move to that player.
  • Q, E: Pubg camera controls also include the option of changing the height of the camera with these keys.
  • L: If you want to get to the player list, press the key.
  • M: This is the key to the map.
  • H: If you need to get the names of the players, this will do.
  • X:  This is the key to the X-ray. You can watch the outlines of the players through objects.
  • Control + U: HUD hide or show pubg replay controls.
  • F: This replay control pubg will enable you to move the camera freely.
  • V ( LMB ): You can observe any player with this observing pubg hotkey.
  • C ( RMB ) – If you want to follow a player this camera will enable you to follow a selected player.
  • The UP and Down Scroll Keys: How to fast forward pubg replay? Very easy. Use the scroll arrows. Up to speed up and down to speed down.

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This is it about the pubg replay fast forward. All the functions of all the keys are given above. Use the Pubg replay controls to get better or to revive the memory of a great game with friends. Do follow us for more tips and tricks.