PUBG XBOX Controller Setup: Ultimate Controller Setup Guide

PUBG XBOX Controller Setup

Which game today holds dominance in the world of gaming? The answer is simple, PUBG. The growth of PUBG took with it the growth of new stars and competitors. For you to be a step forward than your opponents it is important for you to bag every opportunity you get. Opportunity in the form of skill development or gear assistance. One thing that has to be understood by the player is the console setting. PUBG Xbox controller setup is to be understood and be set up in a way to enable you to perform your best.

PUBG Xbox controller setup can be your game changer. It will forever change the configuration of your gameplay. You will be witnessing the changes pretty soon. By altering pubg control settings you will be the last man standing and have the chicken dinner. It will alter completely the way you played. Now that you know the importance of PUBG Xbox settings you must also keep in mind that there is no one setting for all. You need to figure out what is best for you. The skills and game strategy of every player are different and hence you need to get them personalized as per your needs. Here we give you some generalized pubg Xbox one controller settings. You can try them and then figure out what works for you and whatnot. 

PUBG Xbox Controller Settings:

Given below are the best Pubg Xbox controller settings that we could find for you. Carefully change the configuration of your pubg Xbox controller PC to what is stated below and you will see the difference.

  • Preset: When we look at the professional players in the industry for the pubg controller layout we find one thing common. They prefer a pubg type b controller layout. The reason behind choosing the PUBG type b controller layout is that it enables you to have sights by enclosing L2. PUBG controller layout is similar to call of duty. You must notice that the pubg type b controller layout is by default set in that game. Hence this pubg controller layout is the best.
  • Disable the X and Y-Axis: PUBG Xbox one controller settings of pros have been disabled these days. Playing with your axis is not the best preference to make these days. We advise you to disable them.
  • Keep your vibration off: This should always be followed in every situation. You don’t want your device to move while you are playing. This will create unnecessary consequences like a shift in the position of the camera. While redoing your pubg control settings always keep this point in mind.
  • PUBG Xbox Sensitivity Settings: Many players are often confused about what their PUBG Xbox sensitivity setting should be marked at. We get a lot of emails on the best PUBG Xbox sensitivity setting to make. We advise it to be between 7-21. This PUBG Xbox controller pc setting will increase your movement pace.
  • Aim Velocity: Redoing the pubg pc controller support settings aim velocity is a crucial point to be kept in mind. The Aim Velocity should be around 5. This will allow you to make faster turns and make your move fast. This will make your pubg Xbox settings a level up.

pubg control settings

PUBG Xbox General Settings:

To get the best of PUBG PS4 controls these general settings should be copied from head to toe:

  • Turn Off the Game DVR. This will put less load on the processor.
  • Keep the Kill Feed Type to be Graphic. What this will do is simple yet impactful. By keeping it to be graphic in pubg PS4 settings it will widen the space of your game. This will improve your pubg PS4 control.
  • Keep the reload auto button on. By doing this in your pubg PS4 settings you will not have to do it again and again. This will improve your pubg ps4 control.

PUBG Xbox Settings

These were the best pubg Xbox controller setup that we could suggest. For the best pubg Xbox controller pc follow the settings stated above. If you need more information on the pubg Xbox one controller settings do inform us. We are always ready to update ourselves and will be happy to take in your suggestions on pubg Xbox settings.