Shroud PUBG Settings Updated: Complete List of Shroud NVidia Settings

Shroud PUBG Settings 2021

Who doesn’t know what pubg is?  The game has turned the tables of the gaming industry around. It has made the gaming industry into a high revenue ROI globally turning it into an esports industry. Every corner of the world finds its lovers when it comes to pubg. We have seen emerging stars in the area of gaming through pubg. One such country is Canada which has a star called SHROUD. He is idealized by many and all of them want to know everything that he does for gamely from pieces of equipment to settings. So what are Shroud pubg settings 2021? From Shroud mouse to what dpi does Shroud uses, everything is being asked by his fans across the world. So let us find it out together. Shall we? 

Shroud? Who is he?

With the real name Michael Grzesiek, Shroud is a native of Canada. He is 28 years of age but has gained immense popularity in the gaming industry for such little of age. In the history of PUBG, he has been one of the top players in the world. Shroud has gained fame across nations. He streams his live games on social media platforms like youtube as well. His Youtube channel has a huge fan following.

His fans and admirers are always on the lookout on what all does he use to get his gameplay improved? They want every single detail from this player to inculcate in their gaming. They ask for shroud pubg keybindings, shroud pubg graphics, shroud headset, shroud pubg settings updated, and whatnot. To lessen everyone’s curiosity we decided to dedicate an article to shroud and get you acquainted with shroud pubg settings 2021.

Shroud PUBG Settings 2021:

This section will be further divided into sections for shroud pubg settings updated. We will be informing you of every setting that shroud has. Follow the same if they suit you the best:

Shroud Graphics Settings:

Graphics play a key role when it comes to gaming. Powerful graphics can be the game-changer. Shroud pubg graphics are said to be amongst the best in the world and hence shroud graphics settings are stated here below:

  • The post-processing must be very low.
  • The view distance must be very low.
  • The foliage: Very Low.
  • The effects: very low.
  • The FPSCameraFOV must be set to 102.
  • When it comes to Brightness it must be between 60-80. Shroud pubg settings updated for Brightness is 74.
  • Shadows should be very low.
  • The Anti-Aliasing should be High.
  • The resolution is 1920 X 1080.
  • The Textures are High.

Shroud PUBG Sensitivity Settings:

Shroud PUBG Sensitivity Settings

Sensitivity plays yet another role while playing a game. Shroud has one of the most strategic Shroud pubg sensitivity settings and people often ask what dpi does shroud use? What is Shrouds dpi? Given below are all your answers:

  • General sensitivity is set at 56.
  • Does he use Invert Mouse? No.
  • Targeting sensitivity is 55.
  • VegicleDriver Sensitivity is 56.
  • Scoping: 51.
  • Scope 15X: 46.
  • Scope 4X: 51.
  • Scope 2X: 51.
  • Scope 8X: 48.
  • ADS: 50.
  • Game Sensitivity: 56.
  • Zoom: 50.

Coming to General Shroud Settings 2021:

  • What DPI does Shroud Use? What is Shrouds DPI? The answer is 450.
  • What is Shroud polling rate is yet another most asked question? Here we state the answer to Shroud polling rate. The Shroud polling rate is 500Hz.
  • Shroud Mouse DPI too is important to be noted. The mouse is an essential part and hence Shroud mouse dpi to is. The shroud mouse dpi is 6/11.
  • Shroud Mouse. What mouse does Shroud use? The Shroud mouse is Logitech G Pro Wireless.
  • Shroud headset is one that is to be noted here. A headset is really important to give you that next-level gaming experience. Shroud headset is one of the latest. The shroud headset is Logitech G Pro X.

Shroud NVIDIA Settings:

Shroud Nvidia settings control panel are:

  • The Hue: 0.
  • The Digital Vibrance of Shroud Nvidia settings is 67%

Shroud Settings OBS:

Shroud Settings OBS

While streaming his content, Shroud uses the following specifics:

  • Quality: 1920 X 1080.
  • The FPS: 60-65.
  • CPU: is set in Medium.
  • Uses CBR.
  • Audio Format: 48Khz Stereo.
  • Audio Codec: AAC.
  • Audio Bitrate: 128.

The above stated are all the Shroud videos settings ad shroud pubg key bindings. Shroud videos settings and shroud pubg keybindings are exceptional enough to be applauded. Shroud pubg settings 2021 have informed us much of what is the best for us and where we were wrong. Shroud video settings and Shroud pubg keybindings are all here updated.

Shroud Career:

Shroud started his career as a professional gamer and slowly gained fame. He now is a streamer mainly on Twitch. Shroud today does not stream much of PUBG on his channel but his name in the list of top pubg players is forever written. It is because of his exceptional techniques that even today people ask for Shrouf pubg settings 2021. Apart from Twitch, he is on Mixer as well. You can also find Shroud on Youtube too. While in PUBG his team was called “ Cloud9 and Streamers’.