How to Resolve TslGame.exe Application Error in Pubg?

Resolve TslGame.exe Error in PUBG

The gaming industry has seen the emergence of Pubg to its zenith. The game has contributed a lot to the industry. However, while playing the game, errors may disturb you. One of the common errors is the TslGame.exe application error in pubg.

You may see messages like a player unknown battlegrounds memory error, referenced memory error pubg or the instruction at 0X0000 pubg, etc. All these messages are an indication of the TslGame.exe application Error in Pubg.

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Causes Of TslGame.exe Application Error In Pubg:

TslGame.exe Application Error

There can be a lot of reasons behind player unknown battlegrounds memory error. Whenever this error erupts, the system crashes and the game stops then and there. If you know the reason, you can get this referenced memory error pubg fixed. Hence below is the list of some of the most common reasons behind this error:

1. Management Issues of the Memory 

The management of the device can prove to be hindering the working of the game. To get the tslgame.exe application error fix in pubg, you need to change the management settings of the device.

2. Corrupt Game Files

Corrupt files are one of the most common reasons behind pubg tslgame.exe errors. These can be because of reasons like not being properly downloaded or broken by a virus. To get a tslgame.exe application error fix, these corrupt files are to be dealt with.

3. Administrative Reasons

Sometimes, Steam needs administrative privileges to run the game smoothly on your device. The cause can be easily fixed and has been explained below in the article.

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Methods To Get TslGame.exe Application Error Fix:

Given below are the ways to fix the pubg tslgame.exe error. The solutions given below are based on our personal research and experiences. Try the following:

Method 1: Make Steam The Administrator

This is one of the most common causes of the pubg the memory could not be written error. The instruction at 0X000 pubg can be solved with these simple steps:

  • Navigate to the steam on your device. Once found, right-click on the steam.
  • A menu appears on the screen. Locate properties and select them.
  • In the properties go to the Compatibility tab. From the options available, select the option called Run this program as an administrator. Apply and click ok.
  • Confirm the changes and relaunch pubg. The pubg tslgame.exe problem is solved.

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Method 2: Reinstall The Game

Sometimes the pubg unknown battlegrounds memory error can be a result of a broken downloaded game. The game may not have been downloaded properly or have corrupt files attached. To resolve the situation, it is advised to uninstall the game altogether. The steps to perform the function are:

  • Go to the control panel of the device. Open the settings of the device.
  • In the settings locate the Programs tab. In this tab find Apps.
  • Locate pubg and click on it. In the menu that appears select the Uninstall option. Confirm and restart the device after uninstallation.
  • Once the game is uninstalled, install a fresh file again. This file is properly downloaded and free of corrupt files.

Method 3: Fix Corrupt Files

When you are playing the game on Steam, you can expect a lot of corrupt files or files that not have been downloaded properly. These files create issues and often end up crashing the system. They are the reason behind the tslgame.exe application error quite often. To check up on this issue, it is advised to replace or re-download these files. The steps to complete the action are given below:

  • Locate steam and go to the library of steam.
  • In the library find PUBG. right-click on pubg.
  • A menu appears. Select properties and locate ‘Local File’.
  • In this file navigate to the ‘Verify integrity of game files’ and click on it.
  • As soon as the process completes, relaunch the game.

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These baby steps can be your pubg tslgame.exe error fix.  These were the best ways with which you can easily fix the tslgame.exe application error.  You will no longer see messages like ‘ pubg the memory could not be written’, ‘pubg memory could not be written’, ‘player unknown battlegrounds memory error’, etc. If you have further queries do write to us.